A cat can maintain a position of curled up somnolence on your knee until you are nearly upright. To the last minute she hopes your conscience will get the better of you and you will settle down again.
Pam Brown

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       Big Worm Hole
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       Bill Heineman
       Bill Larkins
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       Bill Loguidice
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       Bill Moore
       Bill Powell
       Bill Wolpert
       Billy Rawls
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       Black Groover
       Blaine Sim
       Bloody Skull Entertainment
       Blue Meanie
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       Bob Brown
       Bob Chappell
       Bob Coles
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       Bob Lock
       Bob Middleton
       Bob Nance
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       Brian Sanders
       Brian the Great
       Brian Uri!
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       Briar Rose
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       Brown Cow
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       C. K. Russell
       C. Knodel
       C. Malin
       C. Patrick
       C. Samuels
       C. V. F. Knight
       C. W. Engel
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       C. Yong
       C.E.J. Pacian
       C.J. Coombs
       C.M. Wright
       C.P. Woodward
       C.P.M. Chapman
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       C.S. Woodrow
       Caelyn Sandel
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       Caio Miranda
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       Cameron Wilkin
       Campbell Wild
       Canis Lupus
       Capital World Games
       Captain Cranky Pants
       Captain Obvious
       captain_cranky_pants2000 (pseudonym for Captain Cranky Pants)
       Carcosa Edizioni
       Cardinal Teulbachs
       Carl de Marcken
       Carl H. Arendt Jr.
       Carl Jones
       Carl K. Bozicek
       Carl Klutzke
       Carl McPherson
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       Carlnando’s Hat
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       Carlos Garcia de Paredes Ucero
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       Carlos Jimenez Fernandez
       Carlos Marques
       Carlos Martínez Aguirre
       Carlos Moreno
       Carlos Pena Hortal
       Carlos Percival Saldanha
       Carlos Perez Walls
       Carlos Sisi
       Carly Kocurek
       Carma Ferris
       Carnell Software Ltd
       Carol Bradbury
       Carol Hovick
       Carol Sharp
       Carolina Arciniegas
       Caroline Holden
       Carolyn VanEseltine
       Carrie Shanafelt
       Carsten Kißlat
       Carsten Kreysler
       Casey Tait
       Casventures Ltd
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       Catherine Havasi
       Catherine Lamb
       Cayora Rue
       Cedric Knight
       Celui Dont Le Crâne Est Sacré
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       Centre Divulgador de la Informatica
       Century Ravenswing
       Cesar Llata Pena
       Cesare Bacci
       Ceska Lipa
       CEZ Team
       Cha Holland
       Chace Jones
       Chad Barb
       Chad Comeau
       Chad Elliott
       Chad Schultz
       Chandler Groover
       Channel 8 Software
       Chaotic Soft
       Chapman and Beckingham Software
       Charles A. Crayne
       Charles A. Sharp
       Charles Cecil
       Charles Gerlach
       Charles Grey
       Charles Hewgley
       Charles King
       Charles N. Cox
       Charles Williams
       Charlie Brown
       Charlie Cross
       Charlie Marcou
       Charlie the Spiffy
       Charlotte Perkins Gilman
       Charlton Tutorials
       Chase Gary
       Cheese Freak Software
       Cheryl Howard
       Chezron Software
       Chiara Tovena
       Chiasm Chicken
       Chin Lanzmann
       Chip Hayes
       Choice of Games
       Choices IF
       Chr. Schillo
       Chris Angelini
       Chris Armitage
       Chris Backe
       Chris Barden
       Chris Bourne
       Chris Calabro
       Chris Canavan
       Chris Carter
       Chris Cenotti
       Chris Chadwick
       Chris Charla
       Chris Conley
       Chris Conroy
       Chris Cornell
       Chris Daniels
       Chris Dorrell
       Chris Edwards
       Chris Elliott
       Chris Ethridge
       Chris Evans
       Chris Fayers
       Chris Federico
       Chris Földing-Hornschuh
       Chris Grant
       Chris Groskopf
       Chris Groves
       Chris Hallatt
       Chris Huang
       Chris Johnston
       Chris Kenworthy
       Chris Kerton
       Chris Klimas
       Chris Kugler
       Chris Leach1
       Chris Markwyn
       Chris Martens
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       Chris Molloy Wischer
       Chris Moody
       Chris Mudd
       Chris Newall
       Chris Newcombe
       Chris Nystrom
       Chris OKennon
       Chris Oxlade
       Chris Queen
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       Chris Skapura
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       Chris Walker
       Christian Andersen
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       Christian Machens
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       Christina Erskin
       Christina Nordlander
       Christina Pagniacci (pseudonym for Gunther Schmidl)
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       Christof Menear
       Christoph Mueller
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       Christoph Schuhr
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       Christophe Bourrier
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       Christopher Brendel
       Christopher Brent
       Christopher Cole
       Christopher Furton
       Christopher Hester
       Christopher Huang
       Christopher Hyde
       Christopher L. Williams
       Christopher Lewis
       Christopher P. Anson
       Christopher Shelton
       Christopher Tate
       Christopher Ward
       Christos Dimitrakakis
       Christos Stogiannopoulos
       Christy Henshaw
       Chryshantemum Adventures
       Chrysoula Tzavelas
       Chuan-Tze Teo
       Chuck Bartholomew
       Chuck Benton
       Chuck Sommerville
       Church Army Resource Centre
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       Ciberne Software
       Cindy Yans
       Cipa Informatica
       Clara Raubertas
       Clare Parker
       Clark Radwin
       Clas Kristiansson
       Claudia Starling
       Claudio Medina
       Clayton Roth
       Clayton Walnum
       Cleopatra Kozlowski
       Cliff J. Ogden
       Clive Gifford
       Clive Wilson
       Clotilde Marion
       Cloud Buchholz
       Clwyd Adventure Software
       Clyde Easterday
       Cobra Computer Software
       Code Masters Ltd
       Cody Robinson
       Cody Sandifer
       Colin Buckett
       Colin C. Chadburn
       Colin Campbell
       Colin Capurso
       Colin Jones
       Colin Jordan
       Colin Liddle
       Colin Sandel
       Colin Sellwood
       Colin Smith
       Colin Webb
       Colin Woodcock
       Colleen Boye
       Colm McCarthy
       Colonel Charisma Team
       Commander Waffles
       Compass Software
       Computer Adventure Studio
       Computer Kontakt
       Conner Soutar
       Connor Phillips
       Connor Wade
       Conrad Cook
       Conrad Elton
       Conrad Knopf
       Conrado Badenas Mengod
       Coombe Valley Software
       Cooper McHatton
       CoreDump (pseudonym for Baltasar García)
       Corey Bastarache
       Corey Sena
       Corey W Arnett
       Cormac McCarthy
       Corrupt Code
       Corvo di Odino
       Cosby Burnet
       Cosmic Hamster
       Couwenberg Software
       Cowboy (pseudonym for Johnny Reb)
       CP Software
       Crabby O'Crankypants
       Craccer Software Team
       Craig Berry
       Craig Davies
       Craig Dutton
       Craig Foucher
       Craig Livingstone
       Craig Richard Davies
       Craig Timpany
       Creative Juices
       Creative Sparks
       Creative.Radical.Alternative.Production Games
       Cristiano Cremolini
       Cristiano Cremonini
       Cristiano De Mei
       Cristóbal González
       CRL Group PLC
       Crusader Computing
       Crystal Dream
       Cult Games
       Custom Cables International Ltd
       CV Software
       Cyber Lord
       Cybexlab Software
       Cynthia Dawn
       Cyrille Vanoye


       D F Curran
       D M Potter
       D'Litro Soft
       D. A. Asherman
       D. A. Leary
       D. A. Woodhouse
       D. Ellis
       D. F. Stone
       D. Healey
       D. Jeter
       D. Liddle
       D. Moore
       D. R. Porterfield
       D. S. Yu
       D. W. J. Sarhan
       D. Watson
       D. Whitelock
       D.B. Taylor
       D.D. Soft
       D.N.D. Software
       D.V. Stevenson
       Daedalic Entertainment
       Dale McLoughlin
       Dale Samson
       Dale Trigg
       Dalibor Sver
       Dan Blazquez
       Dan Brochner Nielsen
       Dan Colour
       Dan Cross
       Dan Doyle III
       Dan Efran
       Dan Gahlinger
       Dan Harris-Warwick
       Dan Johnson
       Dan Knezek
       Dan Lance
       Dan Langan
       Dan Lilienkamp
       Dan McPherson
       Dan Mui
       Dan Newton
       Dan Schmidt
       Dan Schnake
       Dan Shiovitz
       Dan Waber
       Dan Walton
       Dan Welch
       Dana Crane
       Dana Duffield
       Dana LoDico
       Daniel "Bosch" Saults
       Daniel Airey
       Daniel Berke
       Daniel Budle
       Daniel Buxeda Rodriguez
       Daniel Cárdenas
       Daniel Castrillon
       Daniel Finnie
       Daniel Freas
       Daniel Ganzer
       Daniel Garrido
       Daniel Haigh
       Daniel Hiebert
       Daniel J. Pallotta
       Daniel M. Stelzer
       Daniel Perez Espinosa
       Daniel Querol Bures
       Daniel Ravipinto
       Daniel Rodríguez
       Daniel Roperto
       Daniel Thurner
       Daniel Tietze
       Daniela Müller
       Daniele A. Gewurz
       Daniele Coppoletta
       Daniele Fiorentini
       Daniele Giardini
       Daniele Zambrini
       Danielle Goudeau
       Danielle Riendeau
       Danny Chabino
       Danny McGarry
       Danny Miok
       Danny Smith
       Daphne Gabrieli
       Daren Pearcy
       Dark Baron (pseudonym for Matt Dark Baron)
       Dark Star
       Darren Albertson
       Darren Deloach
       Darren Ingram
       Darren Shacklady
       Darryl Bartlett
       Darryl Sloan
       Darryl Still
       Daryl Gregory
       Daryll Reynolds
       Dastardly Coward
       Data-Skip Software
       Database Publications Ltd
       Dave Ahl Jr. (pseudonym for Andrew Plotkin)
       Dave Anderson
       Dave Baines
       Dave Bernazzani
       Dave Bowden
       Dave Dubin
       Dave Dunfield
       Dave Dutton
       Dave Dytes
       Dave Griffiths
       Dave Hampton
       Dave Hawkins
       Dave Horlick
       Dave Lebling
       Dave Morris
       Dave Nault
       Dave Newton
       Dave Smith
       Dave Strand
       Dave Watson
       David A. Clysdale
       David A. Wheeler
       David Ahl
       David Ashton
       David Baggett
       David Batterham
       David Benin
       David Bishop
       David Brain
       David Brammer
       David Brown
       David Carbonell
       David Carver
       David Cockram
       David Cook
       David Cornelson
       David Court
       David Cowling
       David Crawford
       David Curran
       David Demchuk
       David Díaz Peña
       David Dockterman
       David Dyte
       David E. White
       David Edgar
       David Elr Arnau
       David Faught
       David Fillmore
       David Fisher
       David Fletcher
       David Fraile Vieyto
       David G. Mullich
       David Garcia
       David Given
       David Good
       David Griffith
       David Görzig
       David Görzig
       David Harris
       David Hater
       David Hughes
       David J. Malaguti
       David Jewett
       David Jouren
       David Knight
       David Lacey
       David Leavitt
       David Ledbury
       David Ledgard
       David Linder
       David Lo
       David Lodge
       David M. Banner
       David Malmberg
       David Mancera Araujo
       David Martin
       David Mear
       David Meny
       David Millar
       David Neville
       David Nowell
       David O'Neill
       David Owens
       David P. Gray
       David Parish
       David Perez Martinez
       David Picton
       David R. Grigg
       David Rooke
       David Ruthinowski
       David S. Glasser
       David S. Raley
       David Sanders
       David Seal
       David Smith
       David Smith
       David Sparks
       David T. Marchand
       David W. Harper
       David W. Nilsen
       David Walls
       David Welbourn
       David Whyld
       David Williamson
       David Wooldridge
       David Wornham
       David Zeiss
       Davide Centurione
       Davide Di Candia
       Davide Orlandi
       Daz Revan
       De Crandell
       Dean Menezes
       Dean Svendsen
       Deane Saunders
       Deborah Keyes (pseudonym for Adam Cadre)
       Declan Stanley
       Definitive Soft
       Deirdra "Squinky" Kiai
       Deirdra Kiai
       Delbert the Hamster Software
       Delphine Soft
       Delta 3 Software
       Delta 4 Software
       Delta Software S.L.
       Deltoid Developments
       Delton T. Horn
       Demiurge ASH
       Denise George
       Denise Sawicki
       Dennis Cunningham
       Dennis Drew
       Dennis Francombe
       Dennis Jerz
       Dennis Matheson
       Dennis Merbach
       Dennis Merritt
       Dennis Ng
       Dennis Shelton
       Dentan Software Ltd
       Dented Designs
       Derek Ball
       Derek Barley
       Derek Brewster
       Derek C. Baker
       Derek Douglas
       Derek Haslam
       Derek Lo
       Derek O'Neill
       Derek Pizzuto
       Derek Shaw
       Derek Sutcliffe
       Derek T. Jones
       Derek Webster
       Destiny Spearmint
       Devi Acharya
       Devolution Games
       Devon Oratz
       Dewey Mowris
       DF McCourt
       DG Ware Company
       Di Bello Bonaventura
       Diablo (pseudonym for Chris Tyson)
       Diane Christoforo
       Diane Rice
       Diavolo dei crocicchi
       Dick Dawson
       Dicken Peeke
       Diego Gentili
       Diego González Cadenas
       Digby McWiggle
       Digital Fantasia
       Digital Launch Corporation
       Dimas Caparrós Gómez
       Dinamic Software
       Dirk Dooren
       Dirk Gottschling
       Dirty Bristow
       Divine Marquis
       DJ Clstia
       DJ Soft
       DK'Tronics Ltd
       DLT Games
       Dmitry Danner
       Dobromir Harrison
       Doctor Harp
       Dog Solitude
       Domark Ltd
       Dominic J. Morris
       Dominik Zemmler
       Don Barnes
       Don Brown
       Don Doumakes
       Don Kellogg
       Don MacLeod
       Don McDonald
       Don Woods
       Donald Brown
       Donald Jeffrey Ward
       Donald Woods
       Doreen Bardon
       Dorothy Millard
       Dorte Lassen
       Double Headed Secret
       Doug Burrows
       Doug Clutter
       Doug Egan
       Doug Harrison
       Doug Harter
       Doug Jones
       Doug Orleans
       Doug Rabson
       Doug Roberts
       Doug Rogers
       Doug Schwartz
       Doug Shanahan
       Doug, at Paul Flum Games
       Doug, at Paul Flum Games
       Dougie Bern
       Douglas Adams
       Douglas C. Rogers
       Douglas Harter
       Douglas J. Morgan
       Douglas P. Burum
       Douglas Paranhos
       Dr Fanfic
       Dr. Al Gore
       Dr. Aloysius Beltway Ph.D
       Dr. Dismal
       Dr. Froth
       Dr. Inkalot (pseudonym for Valentine Kopteltsev)
       Dr. Khel
       Dr. Leslie E. Klein
       Dr. Spawn
       DRAGON Software
       DragonHold Software
       Drake Rose
       Dream World Adventures
       Drew Mochak
       Drew Rimple
       Drew Turpin
       Drifting On
       Drunken Bastard
       DT Soft
       Dual Dimension Software
       Duncan Bowsman
       Duncan Cross
       Duncan Strand
       DuoDave (pseudonym for David Good)
       Dusan Zivkovic
       Dustin Lacewell
       Dustin Rhodes
       Dwight Logan
       Dylan Clarke
       dylan is a kid
       Dylan O'Donnell
       Dylan W. Birdosaur


       E. Beaujouan
       E. Graham
       E. H. Wilson
       E. Joyce
       E. L. Cheney
       E. Marchant
       E.S.A. Productions
       Eager Elmer
       Eagle Berns
       Eaten By A Grue
       Eckhard Borkiet
       Ed Bauman
       Ed Blair
       Ed Kuypers
       Ed Phillips
       Ed Sternberg
       Ed T.
       Eddie R. Wright
       Eddie Tomayko
       Edgar Allan Poe
       Edgar Belka
       Edgar O. Weyrd (pseudonym for Andrew Plotkin)
       Ediciones Plesa
       Edison Soft
       Edmond Rostand
       Edmund Sullivan
       Edmund Wells
       Edu López
       Eduardo Heras Magrina
       Eduardo Jose Villalobos
       Eduardo Nogales
       Edward Beck
       Edward Floren
       Edward Griffiths
       Edward J. Craft
       Edward McArdle
       Edward Plant
       Edwina Brown
       Efrain Finnell
       Eggerich von Eggermond
       Einar Saukas
       El Anillo 3
       El Clerigo Urbatain
       El Flaco
       El Guapo
       El Lula (pseudonym for Raul)
       El Wray
       Elaine Dean
       Eldridge Murray
       Eleanor Gang
       Electra Software
       Electric Software
       Electric Storm Productions
       Elena Fedina
       Elfin Software Ltd
       Eli Piilonen
       Elijah Rose
       Elisabeth Polli
       Elise C. Boucher
       Eliuk Blau
       Elizabeth Daniels
       Elizabeth Heller
       Ellicott Creek
       Elliott Maglio
       Elmar Wenners
       Elven Adventurers
       Elver Frey
       Elvira Villalba Martínez
       Emanuele Preda
       Emilce Fabricio
       Emilian Kowalewski
       Emiliana Deluca
       Emilio Martínez Tellería
       Emily Boegheim
       Emily Forand
       Emily Short
       Emily Strong
       Emma Fearon
       Emmy is awesome
       EMS Software
       ENG921: Samuel Pereira
       Enigma Variations Ltd
       Ennio Cosenza
       Enrico Colombini
       Enrico Francese
       Enrico Van Den Boom
       Enrique D. Bosch
       Enrique Pimpinela Santos
       Enter Computing
       Entropic Pen
       EPIC minecraft
       Epsilon Software
       ERE Informatique
       Eric Bean Adventures
       Eric Bonholtzer
       Eric Brasure
       Eric Colomb
       Eric Eve
       Eric F
       Eric Forgeot
       Eric Hickman
       Eric Iwasaki
       Eric Mayer
       Eric N. Miller
       Eric Reasons
       Eric Reiss
       Eric Remy
       Eric Schmidt
       Eric Shaughnessy
       Eric Shoemaker
       Eric Stewart
       Eric Strong
       Eric Toth
       Erica Sadun
       Erik Dillaman
       Erik Hermansen
       Erik J. Oredson
       Erik vh
       Erik Wennstrom
       Erin Canterbury
       Erin Gigglecreek
       Ernesto Heywood
       Esa Peuha
       Escape From Dead Side...
       Esp Soft
       ESP Software
       Estuary Software Products
       Ethan 22
       Ethan Persico
       Ethan Rupp
       Eva Schweber
       Eva Vikstrom
       Eva Vikström
       Eva Vikström
       Evan Derby
       Evan Hodson
       Evan Schull
       Evan Wong
       Evgeny Bychkov
       Evil Roda
       Evin Robertson
       Excalibur Software
       Exclusive Software
       Exotic Fruits
       Express Soft


       F & F Software
       F+K Ware
       F. Kunze
       F. Otoole
       F. Roberts
       F.J. Neary
       Fabián Escalante
       Fabio De Dominicis
       Fabio Ramos Reyes
       Fabio Vaccarezza
       Fabrice Gille
       Fabrizio Pallotti
       Fabrizio Venerandi
       Failbetter Games
       Falcon Soft
       Fantasy Leagues
       Fantasy Software
       Fantasy Software
       Farenheit Flatbred
       FEBA Radio
       Federico Canetta
       Federico Gobbo
       Federico Razzoli
       Felic Roman
       Felix Pleșoianu
       Felix Plesoianu
       Felix Software
       Fenris Hugbunadur
       Ferenz Ludewig
       Fergus McNeill
       Fermin Mangado Cruz
       Fermín Moreno González
       Fernando Arellano
       Fernando del Casar
       Ferran Montesinos
       Ferran Queralt
       Filamena Young
       Filipe Salgado
       Filippo Buniotto
       Filthy Bill Lee (pseudonym for Zachinz)
       Finn C. M. Beauchamp
       Finn Rosenløv
       Finsbury Software
       Firebird Software Ltd
       Five Ways Software Ltd
       Flame Achron
       Fletcher Smyth
       Flexibase Software
       Florian Edlbauer
       Florian Kalenda
       Florian Laber
       Florin Tomescu
       Forward Software
       Fra Enrico
       Frances Hodgson Burnett
       Francesco Bova
       Francesco Cordella
       Francis A. Shailes
       Francis Irving
       Francisco Bretones Castillo
       Francisco Carrión
       Francisco Guillen
       Francisco J. López
       Francisco Javier Cocana Galan
       Francisco Javier del Águila de la Puente
       Francisco Javier Escriva Preciado
       Francisco Javier Lopez
       Francisco Javier Peinado
       Francisco Javier Rodriguez Para
       Francisco Jesus Diaz Tellez
       Francisco Prieto Giráldez
       Francisco Zarco
       Francisco-Xavier Morell Gonzalez
       François Coulon
       François Coulon
       Francois Lamoureux
       Frank Borger
       Frank Duff
       Frank Ferrao
       Frank Fridd
       Frank Jones
       Frank Kunze
       Frank Sindermann
       Frank Sorge
       Frank Stockton
       Frank Teng
       Frank West
       Frantisek Brabec
       Frantisek Fuka
       Frantisek Zboril
       Fray Fernando
       Fred Clarke
       Fred Freeble
       Fred Gray
       Fred Smith
       Frederick D. King
       Frederick Hirsch
       Fredrik Ramsberg
       Frode Tennebo
       FSF Adventures
       Fulvio Calcabrini
       Furman H. Smith
       Fuyu Yuki


       G. Anfossi
       G. Arellano
       G. B. Aicardi
       G. E. M.
       G. Frampton
       G. J. Shannon
       G. K. Chesterton
       G. Kevin Wilson
       G. M. Zagurski
       G. Palin
       G. R. Jones
       G. Retz
       G. Robert
       G. Turner
       G.B. Aicardi
       G.F. Berry
       G.H. Suggitt
       G.L. Watson
       G.R. Brooks
       Gabor de Mooij
       Gabriel Widing
       Gabriele Lazzara
       Gabrielle Savage
       Gaétan Darquié
       Galejade - Elise Trinh
       Galo Alcolea
       Gama Software
       Games Workshop
       Gaming Pixie
       Gamma Software
       Gandalf Software
       Gareth Pitchford
       Gareth Rees
       Garry Cappuccini
       Garry Lancaster
       Garry Marsh
       Gary A. Allen
       Gary Bedrosian
       Gary Driggs
       Gary Kelbrick
       Gary M. Dobbs
       Gary McGath
       Gary Power
       Gary Roggin
       Gary Stimson
       Gaston Cafard (pseudonym for Luis David Arranz Pérez)
       Gavin Inglis
       Gayla Bassham
       Gayla Wennstrom
       Geoff Fortytwo
       Geoff Lynas
       Geoff Moore (pseudonym for Mostly Useless)
       Geoff Quilley
       Geoff Richardson
       Geoff. H. Larsen
       Geoffrey Genz
       Geoffrey Hans Larsen
       Georg Trietsch
       Georg Winthir
       George Carmpouloni
       George E. Hoyle
       George Gipe
       George Gunn
       George K.
       George K. Algire
       George K. George
       George Lieng
       George Rawson
       George Vicarey
       Georgiana Bourbonnais
       Georgina Sinclair
       Gerald Aungst
       Gerald Lientz
       Gerald T. Kellett
       Gerard Bernor
       Gerardo J. Hernandez
       Gerardo Oporto Jorrin
       Germano Carella
       Gerold Schneider
       Gerry Kevin Wilson
       Gerry Officer
       Gevan Dutton
       Ghigo Software
       Giacomo di Valenti
       Gian Paolo Gentili
       Giancarlo Niccolai
       Gianni Flores
       Giannis G. Georgiou
       Gideon Castro
       Gil Williamson
       Giles Boutel
       Gilles Duchesne
       Gilsoft International
       Ginnie Reynolds
       Giorgio Malavasi
       Giovanni Riccardi
       Gladys Officer
       Glen Dahlgren
       Glen Henville
       Glenn Gribble
       Glenn Hutchings
       Glenn Parker
       Glenn Shaheen
       Global Games
       Global Games
       Global Software
       Gnuck and C.
       Godfrey Dowson
       gohan 01
       golden state warriors
       Gordon Calleja
       Gordon Dodrill
       Gordon Fong
       Gordon Freeman
       Gordon Pickard
       Gordon Yacomine
       Graeme Allen
       Graeme Cree
       Graeme Pletscher
       Graeme Poole
       Graeme Willis
       Graeme Yeandle
       Graham Burtenshaw
       Graham Cluley
       Graham Jones
       Graham Kelly
       Graham Lilley
       Graham Lowther
       Graham Nelson
       Graham Shaw
       Graham Somerville
       Graham Yeandle
       Grant E. Metcalf
       Grant Privett
       Grant Wilson
       Graphtext 128
       Gray Manichean
       Great Dane Games
       Green Marxist
       Green Valley Publishing
       Greg Boettcher
       Greg Ewing
       Greg Farough
       Greg Gioia
       Greg Hassett
       Greg Karber
       Greg Klein
       Greg Miller
       Greg Stratakes
       Greg Troutman
       Gregor Holtz
       Gregor Widuch
       Gregory D. Shailes
       Gregory Dudek
       Gregory Weir
       Gregory Yob
       Gremlin Graphics Software Ltd
       Gren Remoz
       Grendel Khan
       Grimm Sharlak
       Gringo G. Scumm
       Grunion Guy
       Grupo Creators Union
       Guido Henkel
       Guilhe Aleman
       Guilherme Holt De Sousa
       Guillermo Crespi
       Guillermo Lafuente Moraga
       Gunther Schmidl
       Gustav Bodel
       Guy Henkle
       Guy Marquardt
       Guy Minor
       Guy Palmer


       H. Dyer
       H. Helfgott
       H. J. Brändle
       H. J. Hoke
       H. Lee Parten
       H. Ziehms
       H.A.W.K. Adventuring
       H.S. Goodman
       Habeas Dorkus
       Hachimorriac Juegos
       Hal Ranko
       Hal Renko
       Half Sick Of Shadows
       Halley Reed
       Hamish McIntyre
       Hamster Software
       Hanadorobou (pseudonym for Robert Goodwin)
       Hannah Hunt
       Hannah PS
       Hannes Schueller
       Hannes Schüller
       Hannes Seifert
       Hanon Ondricek
       Hans Christian Andersen
       Hans Fugal
       Hans Jürgen Richstein
       Hans Jörg Rahm
       Hans Persson
       Hans-Jürgen Brändle
       Hans-Peter Ponten
       Happy Grace
       Harald Bornfleth
       Harald Evers
       Harbour Soft
       Hardcore IF
       Hardy the Bulldog
       Harel Malka
       Harold DeWitz
       Harris Conger
       Harry Capeling
       Harry Giles
       Harry Harrison
       Harry Hol
       Harry M. Hardjono
       Harry Wilson
       Harvey Lodder
       Harvey Smith
       Hayden Software
       Heal Butcher
       Heath Users Group
       Heath. T
       Heather Billings
       Heather Scott
       Heiko Theißen
       Helen Trevillion
       Helmar B. Herman
       Henri Heuze
       Henry Haskell
       Henry Sladek
       Hensman Int'l
       Herbert Grosser
       Herman Melville
       Herman Schudspeer
       Hermie Hermens
       Hero Robb
       Herron Software
       Hilderbay Ltd
       Hill MacGibbon
       Hiram Kumper
       Histroy Gloam
       Hiyazuki Sakamora
       Holly Cullen
       Holly Thomason
       Hometown Software
       HoopSnake Design
       Hope Chow
       Horatiu Romosan
       Horst Wassenberg
       Horst-Günther Rottenschneider
       Hot Soft
       Howard Batie
       Howard Church
       Howard Sherman
       Hoyle Purvis
       Hugh Dunnet
       Hugh Jass
       Hugh Lampert
       Hugh Steed
       Hugh Steers
       Hugo Labrande
       Hugo Martay
       Hulk Handsome
       Huw Collingbourne
       Huw Jones


       I-K. Huuhtanen
       Iain Merrick
       Iam Curio
       Ian Aldridge
       Ian Anderson
       Ian Ball
       Ian Buxton
       Ian Ellery
       Ian Eveleigh
       Ian Finley
       Ian Gray
       Ian Haberkorn
       Ian Hinck
       Ian Kaleb
       Ian Livingstone
       Ian Lycett-King
       Ian McDermott
       Ian McDonell
       Ian Mead
       Ian Morton
       Ian Moyse
       Ian Muriss
       Ian Osborne
       Ian Richards
       Ian S. Brown
       Ian Shlasko
       Ian Smith
       Ian Thomson
       Ian Upton
       Ian Waddell
       Ian Weatherburn
       Ian Williams
       Ian Willis
       ibidinc Games
       Iblis Snowsdottir
       IceDragon (pseudonym for Patrick Evans)
       Ido Angel
       Ignacio Gonzalez-Cutre Coll
       Ignácio Monge
       Ignacio Soriano Albors
       Ignazio Di Napoli
       Igneous 1 Software
       Igor Bizjak
       Igor Kordej
       Igor Moura
       Igor Reshetniak
       III Toton
       IKO & RGSoft
       Illusion Dreams
       IMA Soft
       Imagitec Design Ltd
       Impact Software
       Imperial Software
       IMS Software
       Incanus (pseudonym for Juan Sebastián Armas Maturana)
       Incentive Software Ltd
       Indiana K. Jones
       Individual Software Service
       Infected Software
       Infodarkness Productions
       Infotek Team
       Ingmar Bode
       Ingo Scharmann
       Ingo Schüler
       Int. Edu.
       Intaligo Productions
       Interactive Technology
       Interceptor Software
       IO Group
       Irene Callaci
       Iron Chip
       Isaac Cook
       Isaac Schankler
       Isabel Clennell
       Isolated House
       Istari Design
       Ivan Cockrum
       Ivan Gerencir
       Ivan Komarony
       Ivan Mattie
       Ivan R.S.
       Ivan Sanchez Jorda
       Ivaylo Shmilev
       IZ Software
       Izner Myletze


       J Chastain
       J Dyer
       J'onn Roger
       J. Argila
       J. Arthur
       J. Copland
       J. D. Berry
       J. D. Casten
       J. D. Clemens
       J. D. McDonald
       J. Davis
       J. Fanning
       J. Francisco Martín
       J. Gamble
       J. Higham
       J. Izquierdo
       J. J. Guest
       J. J. Sonick (pseudonym for Josh Lawrence)
       J. Kesson
       J. MacArthur
       j. marie
       J. Mellish
       J. P. Robinson
       J. Parkin
       J. Robinson Wheeler
       J. Sax
       J. Suchman
       J. Sutton
       J. T. Cottingham
       J. Walker
       J.A. Banner
       J.A. Dominguez
       J.A.M. Kleijn
       J.M. Mayoral Serrano
       J.S. Higham
       J.T Rawlinson
       Jacek Mering
       Jack A. Lockerby
       Jack Bromby
       Jack Driscoll
       Jack Johnson
       Jack Leich
       Jack Lockerby
       Jack Welch
       Jackie Skinner
       Jackson G
       Jackson Palmer
       Jackson Ranger
       Jacob Amman
       Jacob Mianecki
       Jacob MunkHammar
       Jacob Polar
       Jacob Weinstein
       Jacqueline A. Lott
       Jacques Frechet
       Jacques Hamel
       Jaevius Scripta
       Jahanzaib Haque
       Jaime Alfonso Perez Moriano
       Jaime Cristobal Urbicain
       Jaime Tejedor Gomez
       Jairo de Benedicto Filho
       Jake Eakle
       Jake Elliott
       Jake Wildstrom
       Jakob Gleby
       jalissa franklin
       Jamal El-Mokadem
       James Bernsen
       James Brian Rogan
       James Byrne
       James Clavell
       James Dean
       James Dessart
       James Dingle
       james dodson the brony
       James E. Hooper
       James Garon
       James Hall
       James Higgins
       James Horsler
       James Hudson
       James Hutchings
       James King
       James L. Mathews
       James la Marche
       James Lean
       James M Camp
       James Mallette
       James Mitchelhill
       James Page
       James Paul
       James Plamondon
       James R. Davis
       James S. Nixon
       James Smith
       James Southgate
       James T. Reese
       James Taylor
       James Tracy
       James Varnum
       James Walmsey (pseudonym for Adam Biltcliffe)
       James Webb
       James Wilkinson
       James Willson
       James Wilson
       Jamie Murphy
       Jamie Murray
       Jamie Thomson
       Jan A. Aberg
       Jan Fronek
       Jan Kuchar
       Jan Lindenberg
       Jan Lonsky
       Jan Oliver Hegel
       Jan Vondrak
       Jan Åberg
       Jane Clearwater
       Jane Evans
       Jani Kovacic
       Janos Biro
       Janos Honkonen
       Janusz Dabrowski
       Jao Ilyn
       Jared Bernotski
       Jared Derrett
       Jared Smith
       Jarek Solobewski
       Jaret Martens
       Jari Saarhelo
       Jarold O S
       Jaroslav Myslivec
       Jarvist Frost
       Jasmine Lavages
       Jason A. Wells
       Jason B. Alonso
       Jason Bergman
       Jason Billard
       Jason Burns
       Jason Clayton White
       Jason Devlin
       Jason Dyer
       Jason Ermer
       Jason F. Finx
       Jason Guest
       Jason Hanks
       Jason Hewson
       Jason Love
       Jason Mac Innes
       Jason McHale
       Jason McIntosh
       Jason McWright
       Jason Nicholls
       Jason Orendorff
       Jason Peter Brown
       Jason Reigstad
       Jason Rubin
       Jason Somerville
       Jason Stevan Hill
       Jasper Sharp
       Jaume Alcazo
       Javier Aragonés
       Javier Cabrera
       Javier Carrascosa
       Javier Cubedo
       Javier De Miguel
       Javier Ilarregui
       Javier San José
       Javier Sanchez Alcazar
       Javlin Software
       Javy Gwaltney
       Jay Comix Inc
       Jay Goemmer
       Jay Hinkleman
       Jay Nabonne
       Jay Thompson
       Jay Walton
       Jazz Remington
       JB Ferrant
       Jean Childs
       Jean-louis le Breton
       Jean-Luc Pontico
       Jean-noel Perrot
       Jeannette Merrill
       Jed Brockett
       JEDI Luminary
       Jeff Actor
       Jeff Allen
       Jeff Billings
       Jeff Carroll
       Jeff Cassidy
       Jeff Cotten
       Jeff Johnson
       Jeff Klein
       Jeff Lundberg
       Jeff Mlakar
       Jeff O'Neill
       Jeff Orkin
       Jeff Rissman
       Jeff Weener
       Jefferson Stewart
       Jeffrey A. Jay
       Jeffrey Balk
       Jeffrey Hersh
       Jeffrey MacArthur
       Jenesis (pseudonym for Antonia Visiedo)
       Jenn Ashworth
       Jenni Polodna
       Jenni Vedenoja
       Jennifer Earl
       Jennifer Jorgensen
       Jennifer Maddox
       Jennifer McDermott
       Jenny Brennan
       Jenny Eriksson
       Jenny Roomy
       Jenny Tyler
       Jens Bojaryn
       Jens Byriel
       Jens-Erik Kjeldsen
       Jeremiah Condon
       Jeremy Carey-Dressler
       Jeremy Crockett
       Jeremy Douglass
       Jeremy Eden
       Jeremy Farnham
       Jeremy Freese
       Jeremy Penner
       Jeremy Piper
       Jeremy Thurgood
       Jeremy Yoder
       Jeri Caamaño
       Jeroen J. Kwast
       Jerry Adams
       Jerry Ford
       Jerry Wolper
       Jess Spencer
       Jessamin Yu
       Jesse Burneko
       Jesse McGrew
       Jesse Shaw
       Jessica Cushing
       Jessica Gruden
       Jessica Knoch
       Jesús Espinar Amate
       Jesus Pedrosa Vidal
       JH Software
       Jhames, Nick Dablin
       Jianrong Huang
       Jim Aikin
       Jim Bayers
       Jim Bennett
       Jim Bentley
       Jim Crawford
       Jim Cser
       Jim Dattilo
       Jim Ennes
       Jim Finnis
       Jim Fisher
       Jim Gerrie
       Jim Harbis
       Jim Jacobson
       Jim Jones
       Jim Lawrence
       Jim Long
       Jim MacBrayne
       Jim Munroe
       Jim Plamondon
       Jim Q. Pfygx-Vobk
       Jim Tankard
       Jim Vickonoff
       Jim Warrenfeltz
       Jim Whittle
       Jim Wilbur
       Jimmy Kilpatrick
       Jimmy Maher
       Jimmy Starboy
       Jindra Sladek
       Jiri Chabek
       Jiri Dolezal
       Jiri Fencl
       Jiri Koudelka
       Jiz Nikdy
       JJK Research Limited
       JM Soft
       Jo Waddingham
       Joachim Froholt
       Joakim Karlsson
       Joan Alba Maldonado
       Joan Argemi
       Joan Lamb
       Joana Markus
       Joao Mendes
       Jodediah Holems
       Joe Aaron Sellers
       Joe Dever
       Joe Emerson
       Joe Johnston
       Joe Mason
       Joe Peterson
       Joe Pirone
       Joe Powell
       Joe Vercellone
       Joel Finch
       Joel Goodwin
       Joel Ray Holveck
       Joel Webster
       Joerg Rosenbauer
       Joey Czarnik
       Joey Fu
       Joey Jones
       Johan Berntsson
       Johan Ottosson
       Johan Paz
       Johanna Hunt
       Johannes Steingraeber
       John "Doppler" Schiff
       John Baker
       John Betteridge
       John Bird
       John Blake
       John Byrd
       John C. Knudsen
       John Cater
       John Connelley
       John Cooney
       John de Salis
       John Dueck
       John Earthling
       John Eriksson
       John Evans
       John G. Wood
       John Goettle
       John Gorenfeld
       John Graeme Bichard
       John Hamill
       John Haward
       John Henry Enterprises
       John Hughes
       John Jones-Steele
       John Kean
       John LaBonney
       John Laird
       John Matthews
       John Menichelli
       John Metcalf
       John Minkah
       John Minson
       John Molloy
       John Moulton
       John Mysliwiec
       John Nelson
       John Nevins
       John O'Hare
       John O'Leary
       John Olsen
       John Olson
       John Pickford
       John Pitchers
       John R. Keneally
       John Rennie
       John Robert Franklin Sturgeon
       John Romita Sr.
       John Sichi
       John Steele-Jones
       John Stone
       John Toomey
       John Vanderaart
       John Warwick
       John Wilson
       John Wood
       Johnathan Hills
       Johnathan Stanley
       Johnathan Thomas Cottingham
       Johnathan Venable
       Johnicholas Hines
       Johnny Case
       Johnny Freebase
       Johnny Reb
       Johnny Rivera
       Jon A. Slack
       Jon Ashman
       Jon Blacow
       Jon Blask
       Jon Bois
       Jon Bounds
       Jon Bradbury
       Jon Buder
       Jon Cortazar Abraido
       Jon Dean
       Jon Drukman
       Jon Freeman
       Jon Ingold
       Jon Lemmon
       Jon Lilienkamp
       Jon Malone
       Jon R. Lemmon
       Jon Ripley
       Jon Schmoll
       Jon Scoresby
       Jon Scott
       Jon Stall
       Jon Thackray
       Jon Wilson
       Jonah Siegel
       Jonás Cañellas Gómez
       Jonas Engels
       Jonas Kyratzes
       Jonathan Berman
       Jonathan Blask
       Jonathan Christ
       Jonathan Evans
       Jonathan Fry
       Jonathan Hay
       Jonathan Kyle Pittman
       Jonathan Lim
       Jonathan Mann
       Jonathan Mestel
       Jonathan Nicholson
       Jonathan Partington
       Jonathan R. Reid
       Jonathan Rosebaugh
       Jonathan Scott
       Jonathan Snyder
       Jonathan Valuckas
       Jonna Hind
       Jonny Arachnid
       Joost Timp
       jordan blackman
       Jordan Goldberg
       Jordan Johnson
       Jordan Magnuson
       Jordan Wildman
       Jorge Arroyo
       Jorge Blecua
       Jorge Casares Aguayo
       Jorge Duran Ponsa
       Jorge Fuertes
       Jorge Louzao Penalva
       Jorge Palencia
       Jorge Peralta
       Jos Hilhorst
       Jose Angel Fernandez
       Jose Antonio Ayala Jorda
       Jose Antonio Otero
       Jose Aragones
       José Baltasar García Perez-Schofield
       Jose Daniel Carbonell Cob
       Jose Juan Rodenas Garcia
       José Luis Castaño González
       José Luis Correa Muñoz
       José Luis Díaz
       José Manuel Ferrer Ortiz
       Jose Maria Enguita Gonzalez
       Jose Maria Gonzalez Ondina
       José Safonte
       José Vicente Ruiz
       Josef Drapak
       Josef Krenn
       Josef Marianek
       Josep Coletas Caubet
       Joseph A. Dudar
       Joseph A. Stanko
       Joseph Domenici
       Joseph Greipel
       Joseph Grzesiak
       Joseph Miller
       Joseph R. Power
       Joseph Rheaume
       Joseph S. Licari
       Joseph Strom
       Josephine Tsay
       Josephine Wynter
       Josh Duncan
       Josh Giesbrecht
       Josh Graboff
       Josh Lawrence
       Josh Noe
       Josh Redmond
       Josh Vanderhoof
       Josha Petronis-Akins
       Joshua Calkins-Treworgy
       Joshua Houk
       Joshua Shipp
       Joshua Wise
       Joy Cooper
       Joyce Hatton
       Jp Fallon
       JS Choinski
       Juan Alba Maldonado
       Juan Alonso Exposito Escrig
       Juan Antonio Darder
       Juan Antonio Paz Salgado
       Juan Antonio Pereira Varela
       Juan Antonio Rodriguez Artamendi
       Juan Antonio Valiente Serrano
       Juan Cristóbal Aedo Olivares
       Juan Fraile Vieyto
       Juan Gabriel Covas Egea
       Juan Jose Diaz Tellez
       Juan Jose Luis Gonzalez
       Juan Jose Munoz Falco
       Juan M.G.M.
       Juan Manuel Martín Castillo
       Juan Manuel Medina
       Juan Pablo Fernández
       Juan Sebastián Armas Maturana
       Juana Pueblo Soft
       Judith Child
       Judith Pintar
       Judy Tatchell
       Juergen Schroth
       Jufry Ananta
       Juhana Leinonen
       Jukka Tapanimäki
       Julia Noomen
       Julian Arnold
       Julian Churchill
       Julian Fleetwood
       Julian Hyde
       Julian Sotirov
       Julie Gracon
       Julien Frison
       Julio García Ibarbuen
       Julio Pelaez
       Julio Sangrador Patón
       June Rowe
       Juri Jensen
       Just Rob
       Justin Bailey
       Justin de Vesine
       Justin Formanek
       Justin Hurst
       Justin Langseth
       Justin Larue
       Justin London
       Justin Lowmaster
       Justin Middleton
       Justin Morgan
       Justin T. Adams (pseudonym for Adam Cadre)
       Jürgen Schubert
       Jyym Pearson
       Jörg Neumann
       Jörg Rosenbauer


       K. Kellner
       K. Maddocks
       K. Price
       K. R. Nestle
       K. Small
       K. Suddick
       Kai Roos
       Kaitlin Tremblay
       Kalev Tait
       Kame Soft
       Kane Conway
       Kansuke Yamada
       Kara T.
       Karel Taufman
       Karen Kwan
       Karen Tyers
       Karen Tyres
       Karine Schaefer
       Karissa Kilgore
       Karl Adamson
       Karl Beecher
       Karl Bengtsson
       Karl Bunyan
       Karl Crawford
       Karl Ivers
       Karl Parakenings
       Karl Schaan
       Karly Di Caprio
       Kate Barnard
       Katharina Müller
       Katharina Müller
       Katherine Buffington
       Kathleen M. Fischer
       Katja Krüger
       Katrina Elisse Caudle
       Kayde Software Ltd
       Kayla Overkill
       Kazuki Mishima
       Keith A. Parrock
       Keith Billard
       Keith Bolam
       Keith Burnard
       Keith Campbell
       Keith Hawthorn
       Keith Hughes
       Keith Johnson
       Keith Milner
       Keith Parker
       Keith Somers
       Keith Wilson
       Kelly Horan
       Kelly Jensen
       Kelly Levy
       Kelvin Flatbred
       Kem NcNair
       Kemal Ezcan
       Ken Bond
       Ken Dibble
       Ken Franklin
       Ken Gordon
       Ken Hoffman
       Ken Maniscalco
       Ken Nelson
       Ken Nestle
       Ken Reader
       Ken Rose
       Ken Webb
       Ken Williams
       Kenn Blincoe
       Kenneth E. Gay
       Kenneth Pedersen
       Kenny Lee
       Kenny Murdock
       Kent Tessman
       Kent Valentine
       Kenya Miller
       Kepa Cortazar Abraido
       Kerian UK Ltd
       Kerri Coombs
       Kevan Davis
       Kevin Bailey
       Kevin Bales
       Kevin Bracey
       Kevin Buckner
       Kevin Copeland
       Kevin F. Doughty
       Kevin Fenning
       Kevin Forchione
       Kevin Gold
       Kevin Jackson-Mead
       Kevin L. Shelton
       Kevin Lovegreen
       Kevin Lynn
       Kevin Lyons
       Kevin McGowan
       Kevin McGrorty
       Kevin Mintmier
       Kevin MN98
       Kevin Norton
       Kevin O'Gorman
       Kevin O'Shea
       Kevin Peterka
       Kevin Plunkett
       Kevin Porter
       Kevin Rae
       Kevin Rooney
       Kevin Snow
       Kevin Treadway
       Kevin Venzke
       Kevin Y.
       Kez Gray
       KFAdrift (pseudonym for Ken Franklin)
       KHP Soft
       KI JQuest
       Kid Vicious
       Kiel Farren
       Kim W. Topley
       Kimmo Eriksson
       King Software
       Kirk Karanza
       Kirk R. Goodell
       Kit Domenico
       Kit W. Carson
       Kitty Horrorshow
       Klaus Grosskopf
       Knight Errant
       Konstantinos Dimopoulos
       KoZa Software
       Kricon Ltd
       Krilliams GIMS
       Kristan J. Wheaton
       Krister Fundin
       Kristian Kirsfeldt
       Kristian Kronstrand
       Kristin Hollis
       Kristin Pamperin
       Kristoffer Zetterberg
       Kristopher Neidecker
       Krisztian Kaldi
       Krzysztof Piwowarczyk
       KT Bryski
       Kuba Rozpruwacz
       Kuma Computers Ltd
       Kumaria Juan Nazhi
       Kurt Muller
       Kurt Townsend
       KW Computing
       Kyle DK
       Kyle Frownfelter
       Kyro Games


       L. Calvo
       L. E. Hall
       L. Herrera
       L. Hodgson
       L. Quinton
       L. R. Nogg
       L. R. Posner
       L. Ross Raszewski
       L. Starr Voronoi
       L. Wayne Pawley
       Lacey Hunter
       Lady Tallhat
       Lambert Lambert
       Lance Micklus
       Lance Strate
       Lane Barrow
       lane paxton
       Lankly Lockers
       Lara Sichi
       Larry Horsfield
       Lars Engelmann
       Lars Persson
       Lars-Henrik Lindahl
       Lasido R. Famisol
       Laura Borges
       Laura E. Hill
       Laura Knauth
       Laura Lee
       Laura Michet
       Laura Mitchell
       Lauren Cunningham
       Laurence Creighton
       Laurence Kilday
       Laurence Klein
       Laurence Moore
       Laurie Griffiths
       Lawrence McAlpin
       Lawrie Bell
       Le Jibe
       Lea Albaugh
       Lea Albaugh
       Leandro Ribeiro
       Lee Chapel
       Lee Elmendorf
       Lee Hulme
       Lee Martin
       Lee Thomas
       Lee Tonks
       Leena Ganguli
       Leichte Sprache
       Leigh Alexander
       Lelah Conrad
       Lelio Martiradonna
       Lenny Pitts
       Leon Arnott
       Leon Lin
       Leonard Richardson
       Leonardo Boselli
       Leonardo Cocana Galan
       Les Hogarth
       Les Hogath
       Les Howarth
       Leslie Floyd
       Leslie Marwick
       Lester Galin
       Level 9 Computing Ltd
       Liam Butler
       Liam Donaghey
       Liam Erven
       Liam Walsh
       Linc Abrahams (pseudonym for Gunther Schmidl)
       Linda Wright
       Linden Lab
       Lindsey Gregor
       Lindsey Hair
       Line Soft
       Lisa Santa Cruz
       Litany Brisket
       Little Softie Ltd
       LiveWire Software
       Liviano Mos
       Livio Ghirotto
       Liz Cyr-Jones
       Liz England
       Liza Daly
       Lloyd Holliday
       Load 'n' Run
       Loek Klaassen
       Logan Edwards
       Loïc B.
       Lolo Soft
       Loops Of Fury
       Lord 2023
       Lord Haven
       Lord Penguin
       Lord Talto Talto
       Loren Scott
       Lorenzo Carnevale
       Lorenzo Chiodi
       Lost Trout
       Lothar Werzinger
       Louella Lee Caraway
       Louis Joyce
       Louise Cantrell
       Louise Wenlock
       Love Letters To Love
       Lowell Riethmuller
       Luca Bertaiola
       Luca Hibbard-Curto
       Luca Melchionna
       lucas zaper
       lucas zaper1
       Lucian P. Smith
       Lucilia Frost
       Lucky Sun Scribes
       Ludek Burian
       Ludel Simacek
       ludi magistrum
       Ludovit Wittek
       Luigi Serrantoni
       Luis David Arranz Pérez
       Luis Eduardo Juan
       Luis Enrique Juan
       Luis Felipe Morales
       Luis Felipe Sanchez Palacios
       Luis Franco
       Luis Gonzalez
       Luis Ignacio Garcia Ventura
       Luis M.B.
       Luis Mezquita Raya
       Luis Peralta
       Luis Rodriguez
       Luis Royo
       luis sanchez
       Luis Sánchez Palacios
       Luiz Cressoni Filho
       Luiz Fernandes de Moraes
       Lukas Rachunek
       Lutein Hawthorne
       Lyle Skains
       Lyman Clive Charles
       Lyn Strachan
       Lyndon Rebutoc
       lynne ostergren
       Lynnea Dally
       Lynnea Dallyc
       Lynnea Glasser
       Lyssa Penn


       M. Adams
       M. Bourne
       M. C. Lothlorien
       M. Colgan
       M. Flourish Klink
       M. Frank
       M. Gamble
       M. Gordon-Kerr
       M. Kakitsev
       M. Kennedy
       M. Knight
       M. M. Kathrel
       M. Mullin
       M. Penner
       M. Preston
       M. Price
       M. Price Kayem Partnership
       M. Randjelovic
       M. Slater
       M.42 Software
       M.A. del Campo
       M.D. Russell
       M.E.L. Chip Club
       M.J. Antonellis
       M.J. Gearing
       Mad Mac
       Maddox Pratt
       Madonna Mk 2
       Madrone Eddy
       Magic Orange
       Magnetic Scrolls Ltd
       Magnus Kristinn Jonsson
       Magnus Olsson
       Maik Beta
       Maik Weilert
       Major norwal Games
       Maki Yamazaki
       Malan Associates
       Malcolm Tyrrell
       Man Drake
       Man K. Woo
       Mandarin Software
       Mandy Rodrigues
       Manfred Pfeiffer
       Mango art
       MANIAC Studios
       Manly man
       Mansfield Computers & Electronics
       Manuel González
       Manuel Gonzalez Martinez
       Manuel Martínez Galo
       Manuel Soft
       Marc Blank
       Marc Elkin
       Marc Gumpinger
       Marc Sugiyama
       Marc Valhara
       Marcelino Villarino Aguilar
       Marcin Borkowski
       Marco Bakera
       Marco Corazza
       Marco Dattesi
       Marco Duroe
       Marco Falcinelli
       Marco Innocenti
       Marco Palasciano
       Marco Pontello
       Marco Saccone
       Marco Salvi
       Marco Vallarino
       Marcos S.W.
       Marcus Holm
       Marcus Young
       Marek Kiszakiewicz
       Marek Novotny
       Marek Statkiewicz
       Marg Hutton
       Margaret Anderson
       Margaret Anson
       Margaret Moser
       Margaret Stevens
       Maria del Pangolin
       Marian Ferko
       Marian Jensen
       Marian Taylor
       Mariano Chiaverano
       Mariano E. M. Chiaverano
       Mariano E.M. Chiaverano
       Marie Duncan
       Marinning Hardewasser
       Mario Becroft
       Mario Cavalcanti
       Mario Moeller
       Mario Oliván
       Marisa Gatto
       Marius Mueller
       Marius Muller
       Marius Müller
       Marius Müller
       Marius Müller
       Marius Müller
       Marius Müller
       Mark Adamson
       Mark Arenz
       Mark Baker
       Mark Beech
       Mark Cantrell
       Mark Choba
       Mark Cook
       Mark Davies
       Mark Doornaert
       Mark Eaton
       Mark Engelberg
       Mark Fullmer
       Mark Gipson
       Mark Greifenkamp
       Mark Griffin
       Mark Gruenwald
       Mark Hancox
       Mark Hatfield
       Mark J. Welch
       Mark Jones
       Mark Lane
       Mark Lee
       Mark Lynch
       Mark Marino
       Mark Musante
       Mark Phillips
       Mark R. Jones
       Mark Ryan
       Mark S. Walker
       Mark Sachs
       Mark Schnake
       Mark Sheppard
       Mark Silcox
       Mark Taylor
       Mark Thurman
       Mark Tonks
       Mark Whitmore
       Marko Heisig
       Marko Vidberg
       Markus Frisch
       Markus Henrich
       Markus Kolic
       Markus Merilainen
       Markus Stuhr
       Marlene Abriel
       Marloes de Valk
       Marnie Parker
       Marshal Linder
       Marshal Tenner Winter
       Martech Games Ltd
       Martin Bays
       Martin Berndt
       Martin Dlouhy
       Martin Freemantle
       Martin Goldemund
       Martin Hollis
       Martin Hopkins
       Martin Keesen
       Martin Lassahn
       Martin Malley
       Martin Maly
       Martín Martínez
       Martin Oehm
       Martin Page
       Martin Rennie
       Martin Sustrik
       Martin Sykes
       Martin Vilcans
       Martin Vincenz
       Marty Bauman
       Martyn Amos
       Martyn Charles Davis
       Mary Hamilton
       Mary Jean Winter
       Mary Potts
       Maryam Gousheh-Forgeot
       Mason Green
       Massassi Cheralol
       Massimiliano Bianchi
       Massimo Corso
       Massimo Pinna
       Massimo Stella
       Master Hand
       Master of Adventure
       Mastertronic Added Dimension
       Mastertronic Ltd
       Mat Owen
       Mat Westhorpe
       Matand Software
       Matej Kurent
       Matevz Kmet
       Matija Kostevc
       Matt Ashcraft
       Matt Barringer
       Matt Barton
       Matt Campbell
       Matt Dark Baron
       Matt Fendahleen
       Matt Horn
       Matt Ingrey
       Matt Mancini
       Matt Rohde
       Matt Scarpino
       Matt Scheidecker
       Matt Slotnick
       Matt Treyvaud
       Matt Ustach
       Matt Weiner
       Matt West
       Matt Wigdahl
       Matteo Oliva
       Matthew A. Murray
       Matthew Alger
       Matthew Amster-Burton
       Matthew Burns
       Matthew Carey
       Matthew Clark
       Matthew Cole
       Matthew Collins
       Matthew Engle
       Matthew G
       Matthew Gallant
       Matthew Grayson
       Matthew Holmes
       Matthew Hunter
       Matthew Jessup
       Matthew Kim
       Matthew Lindquist
       Matthew Lowe
       Matthew Marcus
       Matthew Moya
       Matthew Mullin
       Matthew Newbery
       Matthew Notch
       Matthew S. Burns
       Matthew W. Gamble
       Matthew West
       Matthew Wilson
       Matthew Wiltshire
       Matthias Conrady
       Matthias Gudmundsson
       Mattia Monga
       Maude Overton
       Mauricio Diaz Garcia
       Maurizio Moris
       Maurizio Salis
       Mauro Trabisondi
       Max Di Bello
       Max Gladstone
       Max Kalus
       Max N. Brooker
       Maxim Mass
       Maximilian Kalus
       Maz H. Spork
       MC Book
       McChunky Bananahead
       Meaghan Riley
       Meg Jayanth
       Megan Moser
       Megan Stevens
       Mel Croucher
       Mel Davies
       Mel Hython
       Mel S
       Melbourne House
       Melody Grandy
       Melonie K. Richey
       Melvin Rangasamy
       Mental Images
       Mercer Mayer
       Mercury Software
       Merle K. Goodman
       Merritt Kopas
       Meus Artis
       Miao The Dreampanther
       MiC Software
       Michael A. Buonaccorsi
       Michael A. Rose
       Michael Arnaud
       Michael Arndt
       Michael Bailey
       Michael Baltes
       Michael Bark
       Michael Baum
       Michael Bechard
       Michael Bellamy
       Michael Berlyn
       Michael Brough
       Michael Bywater
       Michael C. Martin
       Michael Cook
       Michael Coorlim
       Michael Cowles
       Michael Coyne
       Michael D. Hilborn
       Michael D. Wile
       Michael Dalton
       Michael Detlefsen
       Michael Eacrett
       Michael Eckhart
       Michael Eisenman
       Michael Fessler
       Michael Gentry
       Michael Giltzow
       Michael Haney
       Michael Hanley
       Michael Hilborn
       Michael Hunt
       Michael I. Jacobs
       Michael Iachini
       Michael J. Becker
       Michael J. Coyne
       Michael J. Evis
       Michael J. Lyons
       Michael J. Roberts
       Michael Kichline
       Michael Lindner
       Michael Loegering
       Michael Lutz
       Michael Martin
       Michael Millsap
       Michael Monaghan
       Michael Nickles
       Michael O. Haire
       Michael Penman
       Michael Phipps
       Michael Pruitt
       Michael R. Bacon
       Michael R. Grice
       Michael R. Harris
       Michael Rubino
       Michael S. Gentry
       Michael S. Phillips
       Michael S. Yurchuk
       Michael Sheldon
       Michael Silberberg
       Michael Suhar
       Michael Thomét
       Michael Tschögl
       Michael W. Bayley
       Michael W. Marquez
       Michael Wayne Phipps Jr.
       Michael Westra
       Michael White
       Michael Whittington
       Michael Wilk
       Michael Zerbo
       Michael Zey
       Michal Hlavac
       Michal Marek
       Michal Wolf
       Michel Jansen
       Michele Susel
       Michelle Tirto
       Micro Gold
       Micro Limit
       Micromosaics Productions Inc.
       Micromosaics Productions Inc. / Simon
       Micronet 800 Telesoftware
       Microtech Systems
       Miguel A. Matías
       Miguel Angel Borreguero Quesada
       Miguel Ángel Segura
       Miguel Fenech
       Miguel Ilarregui
       Mihalis "DarkAng3l" Georgostathis
       Mihalis Georgostathis
       Mike Agius
       Mike Austin
       Mike baker
       Mike Bonsall
       Mike Bryant
       Mike Cain
       Mike Ciul
       Mike DeSanto
       Mike Desert
       Mike Duncan
       Mike E. Turner
       Mike Eckardt
       Mike Ellis
       Mike Fairhurst
       Mike Farley
       Mike Firoved
       Mike Gentry
       Mike Gerrard
       Mike Gerwat
       Mike Grace
       Mike Greifenkamp
       Mike Hamaoka
       Mike Hnatushko
       Mike Howard
       Mike Jessop
       Mike Joffe
       Mike Kale
       Mike Laskey
       Mike Lewis
       Mike Martens
       Mike Matthews
       Mike Mayfield
       Mike McCauley
       Mike McKeown
       Mike Michalik
       Mike O'Leary
       Mike Oliphant
       Mike Robinson
       Mike Salisbury
       Mike Schmidt
       Mike Smith
       Mike Snyder
       Mike Sousa
       Mike Thurman
       Mike Tolar
       Mike Tulloch
       Mike Verdu
       Mike Vogel
       Mike Vollmer
       Mike Walter
       Mike White
       Mike Woodr
       Mike Woodroffe
       Mike Young
       Mikel F. Rice
       Mikhail Fiadotau
       Mikko Vuorinen
       Mikro-Gen Ltd
       Mikulas Zalai
       Milan Kudrna
       Milan Pavicevic
       Mileout (pseudonym for Stewart J. McAbney)
       Milestyle (pseudonym for Stewart J. McAbney)
       Milivoy Kostic
       Mind Games
       Mind Games España
       Ming-Yee Iu
       Miranda Brevick
       Miranda Simon
       Miron Schmidt
       Miroslav Fidler
       Miroslav Hlavicka
       Mirrorsoft Ltd
       Mischa Magyar
       Mischa Schweitzer
       Mischav Navoritch
       Mission Software
       Mister Nose
       Mister Spatula
       Mistic JOE
       Misty De Meo
       Mitch Alexander
       Mitchell Dodes
       Mitchell Taylor
       Mladen Erjavec
       mlp Rainbow Dash
       Mocha Man
       Mogul Communications Ltd
       Mohammad AlHuraiz
       Molly Engelberg
       Molly G.
       Molly Geene
       Mona Wuerz
       Mondi Confinanti
       Monk Soft
       Moonchild Software
       Mordechai Shinefield
       Morgan Blanchette
       Morgan Rille
       Morten Rasmussen
       Mosaic Publishing Ltd
       Mostly Useless
       Mr Murphy
       Mr. Hypercube
       Mr. Squirrel
       Mr. Stamp
       Mr. Wigglebutt
       Mrs. Drallos' 4th Grade PACE class
       Ms. Tea
       Muffy Berlyn
       Muffy St. Bernard
       Muki Soomar
       Mule Hollandaise
       Mystic Software
       Mæja Stefánsson


       N Day
       N. Ashman
       N. B. Horvath
       N.C. Hunter Hayden
       Nabih Saliba
       Nanami Nekono
       Naomi Hinchen
       Naraex Soft
       Natasha Dudek
       Natasha Mirage
       Nate Cull
       Nate Laguzza
       Nate Schwartzman
       Nathan Chung
       Nathan D Mateus
       Nathan Fritz
       Nathan Lindsell
       Nathan Segerlind
       Nathaniel Tayerle
       National Software Library
       NCF Soft
       Neal The Great
       Ned Yompus
       Neil deMause
       Neil James Brown
       Neil K. Guy
       Neil Parsons
       Neil Pellinacci
       Neil Scrimgeour
       Neil Smyth
       Neil Sorenson
       Neil Talbott
       Nemanja Pastar
       Nena Ost
       Neptune Computing
       Nestor I. McNaugh
       Network Adventure Games
       Neural Dragon
       Niall Richard Murphy
       Nic Ford
       Nicholas Dudek
       Nicholas Matteo
       Nicholas Stillman
       Nick Austin
       Nick Ballard
       Nick Dablin
       Nick Eatock
       Nick Grimson
       Nick Keirle
       Nick Marsh
       Nick Montfort
       Nick Rogers
       Nicky Case
       Nicky Leech
       Niclas Carlsson
       Nicola Simeoni
       Nicolas Grivet
       Nicolás Lecuona
       Nicolas Martyanoff
       Nicolas van Dyk
       Nidal Bazzi
       Nige Copeland
       Nigel Brooks
       Nigel Downes
       Nigel Jayne
       Nigel McGee
       Night Fox
       Nikephoros De Kloet
       Niki Laber
       Nikki Dibya Wardhana
       Niksa Kuzmic
       Niles Mitchell
       Nils Eng
       Nils Korber
       Ninja Cookie
       Ninja Soft
       Nino Ruffini
       Nnamdi Christopher Iroaganachi
       no m3rcy
       Noah Marshall
       Nolan Bonvouloir
       noobish hat
       Norman Perlmutter
       Norman Robinson
       Norman Sailer
       Norom The Lurker
       Norton Truter
       Now We Have Faces
       Nuku Valente
       Nusarath Jahan


       O. Henry
       O.Sheen Software
       o0o0 (Ensemble Vide et Epistolaire)
       Oblique Strategy
       Ocean Software Ltd
       Odyssey Computing
       Ofer Ben-Ami
       Okey Ikeako
       Ol Mokcqa Du Lit Tdraib Kumeinien
       Ola Sverre Bauge
       Olaf Barthel
       Old Andy
       Ole Olsen
       Ole Petersen
       Olessak Robert
       Olia Demina
       Oliver Ashford
       Oliver Berman
       Oliver Berse
       Oliver Feiler
       Oliver Gaspar
       Oliver Lang
       Oliver Möller
       Oliver Ullmann
       Olivia Tilson
       Olivier Gisselbrecht
       Olivier Tubach
       Olle E Johansson
       OMA JOKER
       Omega Software
       Omikron Software
       Omni Software
       Ondrej Mihula
       Ondrej Scerbej
       One of the Bruces
       One-Eyed Jack
       Opal O'Donnell (pseudonym for Adam Cadre)
       Optical Brothers
       Optimal Group
       Orion Zymaris
       Orpheus Ltd
       Oscar Amat Caro
       Oscar Garcia Cagigas
       Oscar Mate Gonzalez
       Oscar Mira Vazquez
       Oscar Soft
       Oskar Strom
       Otis T. Dog
       Otto Grimwald (pseudonym for Eric Forgeot)
       Ottolaï Grimwaldievitch
       Out of Babylon
       Owen Lloyd
       Owen Lockett
       Owen Lyons
       Owen Parish
       Owen Parks
       Oyvind Thorsby


       P. Cardin
       P. Cejka
       P. Cooper
       P. Di Tonno
       P. F. Sheckarski
       P. Hunt
       P. M. Skinner
       P. Meyer
       P. Napolitano
       P. Page
       P. Sutton
       P. Van Zanten
       P. Y. Bondiau
       P.J. Newbold
       P.J.R. Harkin
       P.R. Software
       p0wn3d Games
       Pablo D'Amico
       Pablo Jordi
       Pablo Martinez
       Pablo Martínez Merino
       PAC Of Portland
       PAC Soft
       Pacific Software
       Paco Zarco
       Page 6
       Palamar Software
       Palmer P. Eldritch
       Pam Comfite
       Pandovisia Ltd
       Pandovisia Software
       Panic Software
       Paolo Chikiamco
       Paolo Jose Cruz
       Paolo Lucchesi
       Paolo Maroncelli
       Paolo Rossi
       Paper Asssassin
       Parham Doustdar
       Paris York
       PASA Soft
       Pascal Garcia
       Pascal Guitton
       Pascal Labrevois
       Pat Gise
       Pat Hurst
       Pat Pflieger
       Patricia LLata Pena
       Patrick Baigent
       Patrick Evans
       Patrick Farley
       Patrick Furlong
       Patrick Hennig
       Patrick Hirtle
       Patrick J. Kelly
       Patrick Lindsey
       Patrick Meilhan
       Patrick Paglen
       Patrick Roberts
       Patrick Shaughnessy
       Patrick Software
       Patrick Thiel
       Patrick Walsh
       Patrick Walton
       Patrick Wigfull
       Patrick Williams
       Patrik Rak
       Paul Allen Panks
       Paul Balyoz
       Paul Birkett
       Paul Bradbury
       Paul Braithwaite
       Paul Braun
       Paul Brunyee
       Paul Butler
       Paul Cardin
       Paul Christian Bills
       Paul Corriveau
       Paul de Valmency
       Paul DeWitt
       Paul Drallos
       Paul Equinox Collins
       Paul Findley
       Paul Gilbert
       Paul Gillen
       Paul Gresty
       Paul H. Deal
       Paul Hamaoka
       Paul J. Furio
       Paul Jameson
       Paul Jeffries
       Paul Jenkinson
       Paul Jessup
       Paul Johnson
       Paul Johnson
       Paul L. Berker
       Paul Laroquod
       Paul Lee
       Paul Lucus
       Paul Martinez
       Paul McGuire
       Paul O'Brian
       Paul Panks
       Paul R. Merkley
       Paul Raine
       Paul Ranson
       Paul Robinson
       Paul Serbert
       Paul Stanley
       Paul Stitt
       Paul Styles
       Paul Swift
       Paul T. Cimatti
       Paul T. Johnson
       Paul Tomkins
       Paul VanKoughnett
       Paul Wang
       Pavel Manas
       Pavel Novak
       Pavel Pospisil
       Pavel Tichy
       Payman Parastaran
       Pearl Tsai
       Pedro Amador López
       Pedro Fernandez Lopez
       Pedro Garau Pérez
       Pedro José Rodríguez Larrañaga
       Peeny Pad Software PLC
       Peeter Horm
       Pegasus Software
       Pelagon Software
       Penazo Soft
       Penczer Attila (pseudonym for Algol)
       Penna Productions
       Penny Wyatt
       Pepe Romero
       Pepsi Soft
       Pergola Cavendish
       Perry Creel
       Perry Parks
       Petar Kanuritch
       Pete Austin
       Pete Chown
       Pete Cooke
       Pete D.
       Pete Gardner
       Pete Hitchin
       Pete Kemp
       Pete Koziar
       Peter A. Golden
       Peter Arnold
       Peter Austin
       Peter Berman
       Peter Blanston
       Peter Carmpouloni
       Peter Clark
       Peter Clement
       Peter Council
       Peter D. Killworth
       Peter Day
       Peter De Wachter
       Peter Donne
       Peter Dwyer
       Peter Eastman
       peter edwards
       Peter Engelmann
       Peter G. Pointon
       Peter Gambles
       Peter Gerrard
       Peter Hoar
       Peter Jones
       Peter Karlsson
       Peter Kemp
       Peter Killworth
       Peter Kirsch
       Peter L. Robinson
       Peter Lister
       Peter Lumbye
       Peter Lutz Engelmann
       Peter M. Goodlad
       Peter Machala
       Peter Machala Software
       Peter Mattsson
       Peter McBride
       Peter Moreland
       Peter Nepstad
       Peter O'Ley
       Peter Olejnik
       Peter Orme
       Peter Polkinghorne
       Peter R. Shushmaruk
       Peter Ryan
       Peter Sabath
       Peter Seebach
       Peter Timony
       Peter Tjernstrom
       Peter Torrance
       Peter Trefonas
       Peter Wendrich
       Peter Wonica
       Peter Wood
       Petr Filip
       Petr Mihula
       Petr Novak
       Petr Spad
       Petr Suchy
       Phantom Williams
       Phil Barker
       Phil Edwardson
       Phil Schulz
       Phil South
       Philip Boswell
       Philip Bourne
       Philip Courie
       Philip Dearmore
       Philip Douglas
       Philip Durbidge
       Philip Figiel
       Philip Hawthorne
       Philip M. Reynolds
       Philip Mitchell
       Philip Richmond
       Philip Rolfe
       Philip Sandifer
       Philip Skains
       Philipp Köhn
       Philipp Lenssen
       Philippe Bousquet
       Phillip Case
       Phillip Chambers
       Phillip Köhn
       Phillip Ramsay
       Phyllis Wapner
       Piero Cavina
       Pierre Chevalier
       Pierre Faure
       Pierre Giroud
       Piers Johnson
       Pieter Verster
       Pim Nijdam
       Piotr Kucharski
       Pippin Barr
       Pirate Software Ltd
       Pit Gennari
       Players Software
       Plone Glenn
       Po. Prune
       Pocket Money Software
       Pontus Nylander
       Porpentine Charity Heartscape
       Pradeep Baral
       Pran Mukherjee
       Predator Software
       Predrag Milicevic
       Presi (pseudonym for Enrique D. Bosch)
       Priapus Rex
       Priscilla Langridge
       Produções do Assombro
       Prosperous Noblemen
       Proxima Software
       Psychaedelic Hedgehog Software
       Pumping LLama
       Purple Dragon


       QA Dude (pseudonym for Mike Eckardt)
       Quest Kid
       Quicksilva Ltd
       Quim K. Holland
       Quintin Pan
       Quintin Stone


       R Monty
       R. A. McCormack
       R. B. Fullerton
       R. Baribault
       R. Barnard
       R. Benson
       R. Dale McDaniel
       R. Fuchs
       R. J. Kenny
       R. John Griffiths
       R. Morgan Slade
       R. N. Dominick
       R. N. Goudie
       R. Page
       R. Rawson-Tetley
       R. Rose
       R. Smith
       R. Stobbe
       R. Tomlin
       R. van Woensel
       R. W. Fisher
       R. Werner
       R.C. Laight
       R.C.L. Software
       R.D. Foord Software
       R.E.G. Beale
       R.P. Willert
       Rachel Zakuta
       Radek Solar
       Radhagrrl (pseudonym for Amber Rollins-Walker)
       Radical Al
       Radio Student
       Radio Ventilator 202
       Radovan Garabik
       Rafael Arenhart
       Rafael del Valle
       Rafael Hernández Stark
       Rafael Vico Costa
       Raffaele Stefano
       Rafi Deryeghiyan
       Raimund Redlich
       Raimund Seisenberger
       Rainbow Software
       Rajendra M Shepherd
       Ralf Herrmann
       Ralf Rybarczyk Software
       Ralph Gide
       Ralph W. Varble
       Rami Hamadeh
       Ramon Riera Font
       Ramtrix Software
       Ran Kramer
       Randall Herson
       Randall M. Gee
       Randall Recess
       Random House, Inc.
       Randy A. Cook
       Randy H. Smith
       Raphael Kirschke
       Rat Rattus
       Raul Fraile Vieyto
       Raul Ortega Palacios
       Raven Adventures
       Ravi Rajkumar
       Ray Duck
       Ray Johnson
       Ray Olszewski
       Ray Sato
       Rebecca Slitt
       Red Assassin
       Red conine
       Red Jett
       Red Rat Software
       Red Varnum
       Reese Warner
       Regent Software
       RELEVO Videogames
       Reluctant Sire
       Rémi Verschelde
       Renard DellaFave
       Renata Burianova
       Renato Degiovani
       Rene Puls
       René van Hasselaar
       Renee Choba
       Rev. Stephen Dawson
       Rex Beach
       Rhino Cyborgs
       Ribic Samir
       Ricard Ibáñez
       Ricardo Dague
       Ricardo Pérez
       Ricardo Signes
       Ricardo Villalba Martínez
       Rich Cummings
       Rich Dersheimer
       Rich Pizor
       Richard Acott
       Richard Anderson
       Richard Avery
       Richard Bayliss
       Richard Bos
       Richard Christie
       Richard Edwards
       Richard Evans
       Richard Goodness
       Richard Hollins
       Richard Huddy
       Richard Kelly
       Richard Litherland
       Richard Murchy
       Richard Ng
       Richard Novak
       Richard Otter
       Richard Phillips
       Richard Ramella
       Richard Robinson
       Richard Shepherd
       Richard Shepherd Software Ltd
       Richard Shirley
       Richard Silfverberg
       Richard Smyth
       Richard Stevenson
       Richard Swann
       Richard Tonsing
       Richard Tucker
       Richard Weinstein
       Richard Wilkins
       Richard Wright
       Richard Young
       Richie Greene
       Rick Aguas
       Rick Anderson
       Rick Cary
       Rick Dague
       Rick Greenlee
       Rick Hersam
       Rick Krebs
       Rick Merrill
       Rick Volberding
       Ricky Jazmín
       Riff Conner
       River Software
       Rob Anthony
       Rob Black
       Rob Dubbin
       Rob Menke
       Rob Myall
       Rob Noyes
       Rob O'Leary
       Rob Parker
       Rob Roy
       Rob Sedler
       Rob Shaw-Fuller
       Rob Sherman
       Rob Steggles
       Rob Stringer
       Rob Vance
       Rob Wheeler
       Robb Sherwin
       Robbies Dog
       Robby L
       Robert A. Kraus
       Robert Arnstein
       Robert Bergstrom
       Robert C. Corbett
       Robert Carl Brown
       Robert Chynoweth
       Robert Claney
       Robert Davis
       Robert Davis
       Robert DeFord
       Robert Ferguson
       Robert GAC
       Robert Goodwin
       Robert Hall
       Robert Hersom
       Robert J. Burgess
       Robert J. Retelle
       Robert Janelle
       Robert Karsten
       Robert Kwong
       Robert Linden
       Robert Lozyniak
       Robert M. Camisa
       Robert O'Leary
       Robert Olessak
       Robert Parker
       Robert Patten
       Robert Pinsky
       Robert Pirone
       Robert Plamondon
       Robert Radburn
       Robert Rafgon
       Robert Romanchuk
       Robert Rothman
       Robert Sedler
       Robert Shacklady
       Robert Sibthorp
       Robert Slemon
       Robert Spahl
       Robert Street
       Robert Titman
       Robert Whitlock
       Robert Yang
       Robert Young
       Robert Zdybel
       Roberta Williams
       Roberto Barabino
       Roberto Bernardo Cagigal
       Roberto Grassi
       Roberto Marcarini
       Roberto Riola
       Roberto Tabacco
       Robin Douglas Johnson
       Robin Garrish
       Robin Haberkorn
       Robin Johnson
       Robin Pearson
       Robin Waterfield
       Robot Parking
       Rockersuke Moroboshi
       Rod Pike
       Rod Underwood
       Rodger Olsen
       Rodney McAuley
       Rodney Smith
       Roger Betts
       Roger Carbol
       Roger Chaffee
       Roger Descheneaux
       Roger Firth
       Roger Kenner
       Roger M. Wilcox
       Roger Osgood
       Roger Ostrander
       Roger Pender
       Roger Pepitone
       Roger Ronald
       Roger Slemon
       Roger Taylor
       Roger Tober
       Roger Waddingham
       Roland G. Hulsmann
       Roland Goulsbra
       Rolf Lautenbach
       RolloSoft (pseudonym for Premutos)
       Roman Kocherovsky
       Romano Ramirez
       Romanos Fasoulis
       Romantic Robot UK Ltd
       Ron Harris
       Ron Ledbetter
       Ron Moore
       Ron Schnell
       Ron Steggles
       Ronald Martinez
       Ronald van Woensel
       Ronny Nordqvist
       Roody Yogurt
       Rosanna Hostetler
       Ross Harris
       Rotter (pseudonym for Richard Otter)
       Roy Carnell
       Roy Dainty
       Roy Fisher
       Roy Lee
       Roy Main
       Roy Mathur
       Roy Stead
       Roy Wong
       Royce Odle
       Rubén Aguilera (pseudonym for El Clerigo Urbatain)
       Ruderbager Doppelganger
       Rudolf Stember
       Rune Berg
       Russ Hall
       Russ Pitts
       Russ Wetmore
       Russel A. Duderstadt
       Russell Clarke
       Russell Glasser
       Russell Quick
       Russell Wallace
       Rust Blight
       Rusteen Honardoost
       Ruth Alfasso
       Ruth Sunderland
       Ruth Townsend
       Ryan Burrus
       Ryan J. Bury
       Ryan Kinsman
       Ryan Menezes
       Ryan N. Freebern
       Ryan North
       Ryan Stevens
       Ryan Veeder
       Ryan Weisenberger
       Rüdiger Hanke


       S. Baxter
       S. Dawson
       S. Elize Morgan
       S. Fawkes
       S. Green
       S. John Ross
       S. Jones
       S. Miracle
       S. Phipps
       S. Ruby
       S. Walpole
       S. Welland
       S. Woodhouse
       S. Woodson
       S.E. Roberts
       S.F. Lord
       Sabine Gorecki
       Sacred Ruby of the Toggalids
       Sacred Scroll Software
       Saddened Games
       Saevar Benjaminsson
       Safg Outlet Software
       Sage Michael
       Sahir Nambiar
       Said Hassan
       Salamander Software
       Salkaner il Nero
       Salty Software
       Salvador Camacho
       Salvador Moncholi
       Sam Barlow
       Sam Bhayani
       Sam Bickley
       Sam Edwards
       Sam Foxall
       Sam Gordon
       Sam Hulick
       Sam Interactive
       Sam Jones
       Sam Kabo Ashwell
       Sam McCall
       Sam Rogers
       Sam Ruby
       Sam Shirley
       Sam Thursfield
       Sam Write
       Sam Xenubius
       Samantha Casanova Preuninger
       Samantha Jones
       Samantha Vick
       Samir Ribic
       Samo Fosnaric
       Samuel Stoddard
       Samuel T. Denton
       Samuel Verschelde
       Samurai Software
       Sandra Sharkey
       Sandro Certi
       Sandro Piludu
       Sandy Baldwin
       Sandy Smith
       Santa's Helper
       Santiago Eximeno
       Santiago Marquez Solis
       Santiago Romero
       Santoonie Corporation
       Sara Brookside
       Sara Dee
       Sara Tanzer
       Sarah Clelland
       Sarah Morayati
       Sarah Potter
       Sarazar (pseudonym for Chris Tyson)
       Sartre Malvolio
       Sasa Kuzmic
       Saso Jankovic
       Scandinavian Software Crackers
       Scarlet Herring
       Scorpio Gamesworld Ltd
       Scorpio Software
       Scott Adams
       Scott Covert
       Scott Denyer
       Scott Edwards (IBM)
       Scott Greig
       Scott Hammack
       Scott Johnson
       Scott Jones
       Scott McNab
       Scott Meridien
       Scott Miller
       Scott P. Denyer
       Scott Philips
       Scott Rettberg
       Scott Shumway
       Scott Starkey
       Scott Stella
       Scott Thoman
       Scott Warner
       Scott Warner1
       SCP Hackers
       SDL Adventures
       Sean A. Moore
       Sean Averill
       Sean Barrett
       Sean Cassidy
       Sean Doran
       Sean Ellis
       Sean Givan
       Sean Huxter
       Sean Hwang; Doug Lindsay
       Sean Krauss
       Sean M. Doane
       Sean M. Elliott
       Sean M. Shore
       Sean McClure
       Sean Vennard
       Sean Woznicki
       Sebastián Balestrieri
       Sebastian Beloch
       Sebastian Broghammer
       Sebastian Luis Fuentes
       Sebastián Vansteenkiste
       Sebastiano Gobbo
       Seciden Mencarde
       Section Studios
       Serg Skolzkow
       Sergey Zabelin
       Sergio G.M.
       Sergio Llata Pena
       Sergio Martínez
       Sergio Peña Llata
       Sergio Ríos
       Sergio Vaquer Montes
       Serhei Makarov
       Servants of Wisdom
       Severino Capozzi
       Severn Software
       Shadow Realm
       Shadow Software
       Shamus Young
       Shane Alcock
       Shane Anderson
       Shannon Cochran
       Shannon Prickett
       Shanon Fernald
       Shards Software Ltd
       Sharon Harwood
       Sharon Lynn Chu Yew Yee
       Shattered Dreams
       Shaun D. Abbott
       Shaun G. McClure
       Shaun Jensen
       Shaun W. Donaldson
       Shaun Watts
       Shaun West
       Shawn P. Hill
       Shawn Pillai
       Shawn Trautman
       Shay Caron
       she's long gone
       Sheila Hunt
       Shelley McLoughlin
       Shelly Ben-Ami
       Shelter UK
       Sherwin A. Steffin
       Shrap Software
       Shumaila Hashmi
       Sick Minds Software
       Sidney Merk
       Sidsel Hermansen
       Sierra Charlie 04
       Sierra On-Line
       Silicon Magic Limited
       Silva Soft
       Silverstring Media
       Simeon Maxein
       Simmon Keith
       Simmon Keith Barney
       Simon & Schuster
       Simon Allan Software
       Simon Aspinall
       Simon Avery
       Simon Baldwin
       Simon Barber
       Simon Butler
       Simon Christiansen
       Simon Christiansen ; Marius Müller (translator)
       Simon D. Allan
       Simon Deimel
       Simon Driscoll
       Simon Dunstan
       Simon Ellis
       Simon Fitzpatrick
       Simon Gould
       Simon Jay
       Simon Jones
       Simon Lamont
       Simon Leek
       Simon Lipscomb
       Simon M. Langan
       Simon Mark
       Simon Osborne
       Simon Parker
       Simon Price
       Simon Reid
       Simon Scott
       Simon Smart
       Simon Vigonski
       Simon Wadsworth
       Simon Welland
       Simon Wood
       Simon Woodroffe
       Simonato Enrico
       Simone Di Conza
       Simone Plances
       Simone Serra
       Simply Ryan
       Sindicato del Software
       Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
       Sir Gareth
       Sir Grammar Nazi
       Sirius Software
       SJ Griffin
       SKUAT Soft
       Skyslip Software
       Slan Xorax
       Slap Chop
       Slat Leering
       Sloane Leong
       Slogger Software
       Sly Dog
       Slyme Pit
       Smart Egg Software
       Smoke Dog
       Snouff Man
       Snowball Ice
       Sociedad de Cazadores Pekineses
       Sociedade por Accions
       Soft 2000
       Soft-Line Magazine
       Softek Software International Ltd
       Softgold Computerspiele GmbH
       Softly Softly
       Software 2000
       Software Atlantico
       Software Center
       Software of Sweden
       Software Studio
       Software Supersavers Ltd
       Solitary Pilgrim
       Some Strange Circus
       Sonia Collado Rubayo
       Sonia Sisi
       Sonic Soft
       Sonja Kesserich
       Sonny Rae Tempest
       Sophie Fruehling
       Sophie Frühling
       Sophie Ward
       Sorgoth NoxSol
       Sorrow Monarch
       SOS Ltd
       Sourdoh Farenheit
       SP Enterprises
       Space Age Software
       Spanglypants McFuckyou
       Spectral Associates
       Spectrum Adventure Exchange Club
       Spectrum Computing
       Spiral Software
       Square Peg
       St. Bride's School
       Stacy Cowley
       Staffan Friberg
       Staffan Vilcans
       Stan Fullman
       Stan Heller
       Stan Tencza
       Stanley Sheff
       Stano Hrda
       Star Dreams
       Star Foster
       Starcrash Software Systems
       Starfinger X
       Stark Springs
       Stas 'Unreal' Starkov
       Ste Pickford
       Steel Mamba
       Stefan Andersson
       Stefan Blixt
       Stefan F. Ufnowski
       Stefan Frijters
       Stefan Grecianu
       Stefan Hänßgen
       Stefan Lohkamp
       Stefan Mohr
       Stefan Schauf
       Stefan Soelbrandt
       Stefan Ufnowski
       Stefanie Handshaw
       Stefano Canali
       Stefano Gaburri
       Stefano Ivan Stinga
       Stefano K. Lee
       Stefano Raffaele
       Stefano Reksten
       Steffen Göbbels
       Steingrimur Jonsson (pseudonym for Echo)
       Steph Cherrywell
       Stephan Christensen
       Stephane Grivet
       Stephanie Spoleti
       Stephen "thecatamites" Gillmurphy
       Stephen Bond
       Stephen Boyd
       Stephen Brown
       Stephen Claypool
       Stephen Flint
       Stephen Gorrell
       Stephen Granade
       Stephen Griffiths
       Stephen Groves
       Stephen Hilderbrand
       Stephen J. Konig
       Stephen J. Masters
       Stephen Kee
       Stephen Kirk
       Stephen Lynch
       Stephen N. Curtis
       Stephen Newton
       Stephen O'Dea
       Stephen Parkins
       Stephen Preston
       Stephen Robertson
       Sterling Endeavours
       Sterling Software
       Steve A.J. Broad
       Steve Adelson
       Steve Barrera
       Steve Bauman
       Steve Bernard
       Steve Blanding
       Steve Blossom
       Steve Breslin
       Steve Chodes
       Steve Constanzo
       Steve Evans
       Steve Forde
       Steve Foster
       Steve Haddon
       Steve Hales
       Steve Herring
       Steve J. Clay
       Steve Kodat
       Steve Kups
       Steve Lacey
       Steve Lingle
       Steve Maltz
       Steve McAdams
       Steve McCrea
       Steve Meretzky
       Steve Owens
       Steve Parry
       Steve Tinney
       Steve van Gaal
       Steve Vance
       Steve Williams
       Steven Allen
       Steven Cox
       Steven Darnold
       Steven Kendall
       Steven Kollmansberger
       Steven Lamibao
       Steven Neighorn
       Steven O'Dea
       Steven Pilgrim
       Steven R. Burnard
       Steven Richards
       Steven Robert
       Steven Siew
       Steven W. Pederson
       Stew Soft
       Stewart J. McAbney
       Stewart Peart
       Stijn Colen
       STOP Informatica
       Storme Winfield
       Stu Galley
       Stuart A. Galloway
       Stuart Adair
       Stuart Allen
       Stuart Brady
       Stuart Campbell
       Stuart J. Tomlinson
       Stuart Lilford
       Stuart Moore
       Sue Gazzard
       Sue Medley
       Sumana Harihareswara
       Summer Del Mono
       Sun Software
       Superbone Ali
       Susan Arendt
       Susan Schnitger
       Suzanne Britton
       Suzy Soft
       Sven Appel
       Syke39 (pseudonym for Matthew Wiltshire)
       Sylvie Nuttall
       Syrtis Software
       Systems Editoriale
       Søren J. Løvborg


       T&D Software
       T. Ferguson
       T. Frank
       T. Jevon
       T. Korber
       T. Orisney
       T. Y. Vaught
       T.J. Garner
       T.S. Software
       Tai Soft
       Tama Wise
       Tami Baribeau
       Tanah Atkinson
       Taro Ogawa
       Tartan Software
       Taryn Quinn
       Tasha McCartney
       Taskmaster Software
       Taskset Ltd
       Tawmis Logue
       Taylor Vaughan
       team clifford
       Tech (pseudonym for Dave Dytes)
       TechDeath Games
       Ted Bugler
       Ted Casaubon
       Ted Eriksson
       Ted Swartz
       teddy chan
       Teddy Lee
       Temari Seikaiha
       Temptation Software Ltd
       Teoman Irmak
       Terminal Software
       Terrence V. Koch
       Terry Gray
       Terry Greer
       Terry Nagy
       Terry P. Braverman
       Terry Pratchett
       Terry Taylor
       Tex "Mex" Brooks
       Texgate Computers Ltd
       Thaq (pseudonym for Zak McKracken)
       The Adventure Club
       The Adventure Game Jockey (pseudonym for A. G. Jackson)
       The Adventure Workshop
       The Amazing Poodle Boy (pseudonym for Jason Guest)
       The Arcade
       The Balrog
       The Cheshire Cat (pseudonym for Michael Suhar)
       The Custodian
       The Design Studio
       The Despoiler
       The Deviate
       The Dominant Species
       The Doppelganger
       The Dreaming Djinn
       The Educational Gaming Commons
       The Egotist
       The Essential Myth
       The Fiend
       The Fly On The Wall
       The FutureGame Corporation
       The Graphics People
       The Grue!
       The Guardian's Gamesblog Community
       The Guild
       The Guild
       The Invisible Man
       The Izard of Woz
       The Joker
       The Kraken
       The Late Show with Stephen Colbert
       The Lonely Wolf
       The Mad Monk
       The Magnificently Whimsical Artisan of ALL Great Stories and Other Tales
       The Majestic Moose
       The Master
       The Mighty Achoo
       The Missing
       The Mojon Twins
       The Moleman
       The Northern Underground
       The Oiseau
       the opposite of sublimation
       The Pig
       The Pixlers Studio
       The Plamondon Brothers
       The Pony
       The Risque' Floridian
       The Silent Corner
       The Sleeping Sphinx
       The Spud
       the Spy
       The Technomancer
       The Thief of Bad Gags
       The Traveller in Black
       The Unknown Norwegian
       The Velvet Jester
       The Wildman
       The Writer
       THEDAR Works
       Theo Koutz
       Théoclès Philocratos
       Thom Scullion
       Thom Woodley
       Thomas 'Nihil' Busse
       Thomas Ally
       Thomas Brammen
       Thomas Cross
       Thomas de Graaff
       Thomas Hainscho
       Thomas Hanlin
       Thomas keen
       Thomas Kneißler
       Thomas Lennerfors
       Thomas Long
       Thomas M. Disch
       Thomas Mack
       Thomas Mulkerrins
       Thomas Small
       Thomas Tetirick
       Thomas Thurman
       Thomas W. Penner
       Thomas' Software
       Thorben Bürgel
       Thorin Klosowski
       Thorsten Wolf
       Tia Orisney
       Tiberius Thingamus
       Tiddy Ogg
       Till Gilsbach
       Tim Anderson
       Tim Berge
       Tim Browse
       Tim Clarke
       Tim E. Sneddon
       Tim Ekdom
       Tim Emmerich
       Tim Gibson
       Tim Gilberts
       Tim Hamilton
       Tim Hartnell
       Tim Kemp
       Tim Koonce
       Tim Lane
       Tim Noyce
       Tim Samoff
       Tim Sibiski
       Tim Simmons
       Tim Stowel
       Tim Walsha
       Tim Ward
       Tim Zazzara
       Timofei Shatrov
       Timothée Herpin
       Timothy Betts
       Timothy Butcher
       Timothy Peers
       Timothy Stitt
       Timothy W. Stone
       Timothy Wheater
       Tin Foil Jenny
       Tina Beitcher
       Tobias Heintzen
       Tobias Schmitt
       Toby White
       Tod Levi
       Todd S. Murchison
       Todd Watson
       Tom "PyTom" Rothamel
       Tom & Jerry Soft
       Tom Battey
       Tom Blawgus
       Tom C.L.
       Tom Caswell
       Tom Claburn
       Tom Clark
       Tom Craig
       Tom D. Frost
       Tom Davies
       Tom Davis
       Tom DeCillis
       Tom Frost
       Tom Hudson
       Tom Johnstone
       Tom Lechner
       Tom McHenry
       Tom McLean
       Tom Murrin
       Tom Pod
       Tom Powell
       Tom Pyne
       Tom Reynolds
       Tom Smith
       Tom Snyder
       Tom Symons
       Tom Tervoort
       Tom Waddington
       Tom Zuchowski
       Tomas Franke
       Tomas Morkus
       Tomasz Kopiejc
       Tomasz Pudlo
       Tommaso Caldarola
       Tommaso Percivale
       Tommy Herbert
       Toni Arnolds
       Toni Barroso Vila
       Tony Aicardi
       Tony Ash
       Tony Barban
       Tony Barber
       Tony Corbett
       Tony Delgado
       Tony Greer
       Tony Huggard
       Tony Hughes
       Tony Kingsmill
       Tony Marsh
       Tony Martin
       Tony Nuttall
       Tony O'Sullivan
       Tony Perriello
       Tony Relyea
       Tony Stiles
       Tony Treadwell
       Tony Williams
       Tony Woods
       Top Ten Software
       Tor Andersson
       Tor-Martin Tveit
       Torbjörn Andersson
       Torgeir Dingsøyr
       Torgrim Mellum Stene
       Tory Hoke
       Totally Not Satoshi
       Tray-Shauna Mack-Pope
       Treasure Software
       Trevor Hall
       Trevor Lever
       Trevor Taylor
       Trevor Whitsey
       Trinity Software
       Tripoint Productions
       Tristan Cazenave
       Tristano Ajmone
       Triumph Game Labs
       Troy D. Diaz
       Troy Jones III
       TSF's Workshop PLC
       Twig Systems Software
       Twisted Mofo
       Two Guys From The Other Bar
       Two-Bit Chip
       Tye Sunfury
       Tyler Bindon
       Tyler Zahnke
       Typo III
       Tyson Ibele


       U. N. Owen
       Uburrg Software
       Ulrike Pilz
       Ultimo Byte
       Ultravideo Software
       Unicorn Soft
       Uppity Pigeon #2
       Urban Ministries of Durham
       Urist Uristson
       US Gold Ltd
       Us Vs Th3m
       Utsav Hegde
       Uwe Matthäus
       Uwe Pilz


       V. Dittmar
       V. Napolitano
       V. Zenatik
       Vaclav Cinert
       Vadim Bodrov
       Val Grimm
       Valentine Kopteltsev
       Valentino Bartalesi
       Valerie Saunders
       Vanessa Traude
       Varun Kejriwal
       Venom Games
       Venus Hart
       Verena Kyratzes
       Veronica Auretta
       Veronika Megler
       Veronika Slintak
       Vicente Misas
       Vicente Muñoz
       Vicente Tarín Font
       Victor Gijsbers
       Victor Janmey
       Víctor Manuel Jara de las Heras
       Víctor Ruiz
       Victor Ruiz Tejedor
       Victor T. Albino
       Victor Verbitsky
       Video Force
       Viggo Eriksson
       Vincent Zeng
       Virgil Caine
       Virgil Hilts
       Visual Dimensions
       Vivian McAlexander
       Vladimir Trophimchuk
       voet (pseudonym for Alberto Viñuela)
       Volition, Inc.
       Volker Lanz
       Von Django
       Vonster D Monster
       Vsevolod Vishnevsky


       W. A. Hackett
       W. Clarke
       W. Jeffrey Wilson
       W. M. Wellman
       W. P. Kegelmeyer
       W. Somerset Maugham
       W.A. Hackett
       Wade Clarke
       Wally O.
       Walrus Computing
       Walter Pooley
       Wareztown Works
       Warren Speed
       Wayne Densley
       Wayne McWilliams
       Wazertown Works
       WB Software
       WD Software
       Werner Rumpeltesz
       Werner Spahl
       Wes Eas
       Wes Modes
       Wesley Osam
       Westy Productions
       Whalkira Software
       Wherner Barnes
       Widgit Software Ltd
       Wieslaw Florek
       Wijo Koek
       Will Conine
       Will Hines
       Will O'Neill
       William A. Tilli
       William Bell
       William Crowther
       William Davis
       William Demas
       William F. Denman Jr.
       William J. Shlaer
       William Lees
       William Mataga
       William Mathieson
       William McDuff
       William Mistretta
       William Munny
       William Quinn
       William Shakespeare
       William Stott
       William Trent
       Wilson Trent
       Wim Koolhoven
       Winston Ian Parrish
       Wolf Butler Art
       Wolfgang Partsch
       Wolforce Soft
       Wolly Wombat
       Woody Hunt
       Woody Ross
       Woof Woof Gamer
       Wormy Jurmy
       Wredosoft Software Ltd
       Wrightchoice Software
       Wyatt Ryder


       Xander Kyron
       Xcellent Software
       XFAWORLD Software
       Xlithan Edwards
       Xorax (pseudonym for Jonathan Berman)


       Yahtzee (pseudonym for Ben Croshaw)
       yanal al hasan
       Yang Liu
       Yasmina Llaveria Del Castillo
       Year Zero Software
       YES! YES!
       YONO Studio
       Yoon Ha Lee
       Yoshi Jr.
       Yotam Lev
       Yune Kyung Lee
       Yuri Kuzmenko
       Yuri Robbers
       Yves Labesse
       Yvette Gilmore


       Zach Flynn
       Zach Kelly
       Zach Matley
       Zachary Sergi
       Zachary Worcester
       Zack Wood
       Zak McKracken (pseudonym for José Luis Díaz)
       Zarf (pseudonym for Andrew Plotkin)
       Zbigniew Wymyslowski
       Zeljko Juric
       Zenitcentrum HZ UV SSM
       Zenith J Clangor
       Zenobi Software
       Zero Vakarian
       Zeropolis Element
       ZEVS (pseudonym for Zykov Ivan)
       Ziga Turk
       Zinelli Mattia
       Ziv Wities
       Zodiac Software
       Zoe Quinn
       Zoltan Carnovasch
       Zoltan Nagy
       Zorkfire Games
       Zosia The Pious (pseudonym for Elise C. Boucher)
       Zykov Ivan