The word career is a divisive word. It's a word that divides the normal life from business or professional life.
Grace Paley

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Games Written By Emily Short

    A Dark and Stormy Entry (2001; Inform6; English)
    A Day for Fresh Sushi (2001; Inform6; English)
    A Family Supper (2013; VERSU; English)
    Alabaster (2009; Inform7; English)
    An Introduction to Society (2013; VERSU; English)
    Aspel (2015; Seltani; English)
    Banana Apocalypse and the Rocket Pants of Destiny (2001; Inform6; English)
    bee (2012; Inform7; English)
    Best of Three (2001; Inform6 and Glulx; English)
    Blood & Laurels (2014; VERSU; English)
    Bronze (2006; Inform7; English)
    City of Secrets (2003; Glulx and Inform6; English)
    Counterfeit Monkey (2012; Inform7; English)
    Damnatio Memoriae (2006; Inform7; English)
    First Draft of the Revolution (2012; Custom; English)
    Floatpoint (2006; Glulx; English)
    Fugue (2008; Inform7; English)
    Galatea (2000; Inform; English)
    Glass (2006; Inform7; English)
    Holography (Unknown; inklewriter; English)
    Indigo (2011; Tads3; English)
    Lowell Prison (2008; Inform7; English)
    Marble Madness (2001; Inform6; English)
    Max Blaster and Doris de Lightning Against the Parrot Creatures of Venus (2003; Tads3; English)
    Metamorphoses (2000; Inform6; English)
    Mystery House Possessed (2005; Inform7; English)
    Not Made With Hands (2000; Inform6 and Inform6; English)
    Pick Up the Phone Booth and Aisle (2001; Inform6; English)
    Pytho's Mask (2001; Inform6; English)
    Savoir-Faire (2002; Inform; English)
    The Crescent City at the Edge of Disaster (2011; Inform6; English)
    The House on the Cliff (2013; VERSU; English)
    The Last Sonnet of Marie Antoinette (2001; Inform6; English)
    The Unwelcome Proposal (2013; VERSU; English)
    Ultimate Quest (2014; Inform7; English)
    When in Rome 1: Accounting for Taste (2006; Inform7; English)
    When in Rome 2: Far from Home (2006; Inform7; English)