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Welcome to Interactive Fiction Reviews Organization

In this site you will find the latest interactive fiction games reviews, written by the Interactive Fiction Community members. Im grateful for their humble contribution to this community project! Of course, you can contact us.

Latest 5 of 1178 IFReviews

IFReviewed by Kenneth Pedersen
2021-09-08 at 10:21
IFReviewed by Jesse Silverman
2016-11-13 at 03:33
Dawn of the Warlock
IFReviewed by Thomas Ferguson
2013-11-24 at 05:36
The Prism of Shadows
IFReviewed by Thomas Ferguson
2013-11-24 at 05:31
Cliffs of Fire
IFReviewed by Thomas Ferguson
2012-07-17 at 07:04


Top 5 Rated IFReviews

  1. 10 Stars IFR Overall Rating
    written by Adam Cadre
  2. 10 Stars IFR Overall Rating
    written by Emily Short
  3. 10 Stars IFR Overall Rating
    Spider and Web
    written by Andrew Plotkin
  4. 10 Stars IFR Overall Rating
    Dream Prisoner
    written by Alex Lentjes and Alex van Oostenrijk
  5. 10 Stars IFR Overall Rating
    So Far
    written by Andrew Plotkin


Top 5 Rated IFReviewers

  1. 9 Stars IFReviewer Overall Rating
    Andrew Plotkin
    38 Stars from 4 IFReviewers
  2. 7 Stars IFReviewer Overall Rating
    David Whyld
    30 Stars from 4 IFReviewers
  3. 8 Stars IFReviewer Overall Rating
    Reiko Yukawa
    16 Stars from 2 IFReviewers
  4. 10 Stars IFReviewer Overall Rating
    Emily Short
    10 Stars from 1 IFReviewer
  5. 10 Stars IFReviewer Overall Rating
    10 Stars from 1 IFReviewer

5 Most Popular IFReviewers

  1. Paul OBrian
    320 IFReviews
  2. Andrew Plotkin
    224 IFReviews
  3. Tom Zuchowski
    192 IFReviews
  4. Emily Short
    87 IFReviews
  5. Sam Kabo Ashwell
    70 IFReviews


5 Most Popular Games

  1. Blue Chairs
    Written by Chris Klimas
  2. Babel
    Written by Ian Finley
  3. All Things Devours
    Written by Half Sick Of Shadows
  4. A Day In The Life Of A Superhero
    Written by David Whyld
  5. A Light's Tale
    Written by Zach Flynn


Latest 5 Games Added

Revenge of the Toothless Vampire
Written by 20chans3 and Dorothy Millard
2021-09-02 at 22:22
Personal Computer Whirled!
Written by Delbert the Hamster Software and Gareth Pitchford
2018-08-09 at 18:24
Personal Computing Whirled!
Written by Gareth Pitchford
2018-08-09 at 18:23
Running Out Of Air
Written by Grant Wilson and McChunky Bananahead
2016-04-12 at 11:47
The Tower
Written by Meus Artis
2015-10-18 at 08:49

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