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9 Stars IFReview Rating Orb of My Life

IFReviewed by Bob Davis on 2006-05-13 08:05 

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John Nelson


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Release Year

IFR Overall Rating
9 Stars IFR Overall Rating

Reviewer’s Rating: 9

Difficulty Rating: 9

Extra Commands: Most Standard 6.0 commands, WEAR and CLOSE

Special Features: None

Playing Time: 6-9 hours

Description: Scarcely in recorded history has Eamon experienced such calamity. It seems all of nature has finally run amok. Animals normally possessed of mild temperament attack on sight and fight to the death. Strange winds and storms come up without foresight or warning, and then just as quickly are gone. No one so far seems to have an answer.

You are at a loss at what to do, if anything when you are summoned to the royal palace. Sagonne, royal wizard to the kind, has sent for all experienced free adventurers to come to his aid. The palace guard reports that you are the only one they could find. All the others have run off in search of the solution to this crisis on their own, or are hiding out until it passes.

Sagonne greets you from his bed, for the life-force seems to be draining from him each passing minute. He explains, “I need your help. I was going to use the power of my own life-orb to battle the strange forces that are tearing at Eamon, but upon reaching its magical resting place, I discovered it missing. I suspect there may be a link between its disappearance and this crisis.”

“During the last few nights, I have had nightmares about someone trying to take the orb away. I woke each night with a hideous scream in a cold sweat. I took the precaution of placing a powerful force-field around the orb. Apparently, it wasn’t powerful enough.”

“The orb is a magical vessel of great power and value – a powerful magic amplifier. It can increase the amount of magic a being can generate. If the possessor is willing to make the sacrifice of linking his life-force to that of the orb, the level of power that can be achieved is triple what would normally be possible.”

“I made that sacrifice. But now that the orb is missing, my life-force has almost gone with it. I must have the orb back before my life-force ebbs and I die.”

“Recently, I sent a party of adventurers to the lair of Tolor, a good friend of mine, to seek his aid, but there was a cave-in. Some of the party were trapped and buried, others returned saying the entrance was forever blocked.”

“Tolor seems to have what we need to get where we must go, but he is forever buried now, possibly dead. There is only one hope – a rumored alternate route. I have instructed the palace guard to take you to a temple. There you may find your way. And please – be thou careful with the orb – for it is the orb of my life!”

With that, Sagonne passes out.

Reviewer’s Comments: I believe this is John Nelson’s best adventure to date. The layers of discoveries coupled by deception are interesting and I received great satisfaction with each step of the problem-solving. The adventure is broken-up into three different environments, the temple, the cave, and the intriguing dimension of dreams.

Loaded with special effects, unusual situations not normally found in Eamon and interestingly hidden items (just using a LOOK command will not reveal all), this adventure kept my interest and made me want to keep trying even when the frustration was rising. Even when the solution is known, luck can still play a part in the carrying out of the final triumphant acts.

I recommend this adventure to all Eamonites, young and old, novice and experienced. The difficulty is mostly in the problem solving rather than survivability. Moderate characters and above should be able to complete this adventure, although it may take a couple of tries.

Used with Matthew Clark's kind permition.
Original review available at Eamon Adventurer's Guild Online

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