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9 Stars IFReview Rating Thror's Ring

IFReviewed by Bob Davis on 2006-05-06 02:07 

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Tom Zuchowski


Authoring System

Release Year

IFR Overall Rating
9 Stars IFR Overall Rating

Reviewer’s Rating: 9

Difficulty Rating: 10

Extra Commands: None – standard 6.0 commands

Special Features: 40/80 column text, SAVE is done to a separate diskette.

Playing Time: 15-30 hours

Description: While lounging about in the Main Hall, two newcomers (an uncommonly fair high-elf and dingy-robed wizard) approach and proposition you.

‘I represent sponsors of a forth-coming expedition into the abandoned mines of Moria,’ the wizard states. ‘There will be a worthy quest, fabulous loot and incredible danger. Dost thou have interest in such an adventure?’

(Who does he think he’s talking to?!!) You nod and try to look nonchalant.

‘This is good, for you are my choice among the many worthies of this hall. As all know, the Dwarvish stronghold of Khazad-Dum that many know as Moria was sacked by the Orcs many hundreds of years ago,’ he explains. ‘It was then that the ring of power that controlled Moria was lost.’

The wizard leans closer, ‘We have reason to know that the ring is still there, and may be recovered by one both cunning and strong.’

Again you nod and state, ‘I am that one.’

The wizard stands stiff and tall and invokes, ‘Peiah!...Arrah!...Zero!’

You suddenly find yourself in a lovely forest, surrounded by elves. Before you is a high-elf lady of great power. Thus did she speak:

‘I see that the wizard has chosen well, a strong warrior of good heart. Know you the ring, should you find it, is the rightful property of the Dwarf Hight Thror, who is of the Lonely Mountain far to the north. And we of the forest Lothlorien would see the ring of power recovered, for we do not like the threat of such falling into evil hands.’

‘I have chosen two stout companies for the quest. The first is the good dwarf Gorim, nephew of Thror. The second companion will be the Wood-elf Galahir, a master bowman.’

‘And know that I have enhanced your own power spell. It will not fail you for five invocations, but then will be exhausted; use it wisely. It may be invoked by any of the three companions.”

Comments: The descriptions are fantastic! I felt I could actually see some of the rooms. The puzzles are interesting with a few tricks thrown in. The hardest part of the adventure is finding where to look for a needed object.

This adventure makes good use of 6.0 features (hidden objects, locked/unlocked doors, etc.) has some special effects (once in awhile the characters converse) and can be very frustrating. I found a torch (which doesn’t last very long) but could not find anything to light with it to help me see in the mines. This problem went on for several tries. Once solved, I became very alert of the surroundings and questioned the existence of most everything I was. This proved to be helpful. In the end, I realized that I have been taking most Eamon adventures for granted (expecting them to work via my knowledge of the MAIN PGM) and this adventure got me to think again.

One word of warning, especially to those of you who already have this adventure in your possession: The records room is described as having doors on both ends of the room and that they are strong enough to hold off an army. You could meet an army and therefore decide this is where the army needs to be trapped. Although this was the original intent of the author, due to the size of the adventure program, this feature was deleted. DO NOT trap the army in the records room! If this is done, there will be no way out of the adventure once the mission is completed.

This is the second adventure we have received set in Moria from the Lord of the Rings; the other being #108 The Mines of Moria by Sam Ruby. Both are excellent, but do not resemble each other in plot, mission, or description.

Used with Matthew Clark's kind permition.
Original review available at Eamon Adventurer's Guild Online website.

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