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7 Stars IFReview Rating The Forest of Fear

IFReviewed by Bob Davis on 2006-05-06 01:58 

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Sam Ruby


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IFR Overall Rating
7 Stars IFR Overall Rating

Reviewer’s Rating: 7

Difficulty Rating: 6

Extra Commands: None – standard 6.0 commands

Special Features: None

Playing Time: 3-4 hours

Description: The chief of the Nazgul, the Witch-King of Angmar, has recently re-occupied one of Sauron’s old haunts, the fortress of Dol Guldur (Elvish for “Hill of Dark Sorcery”)

Dol Guldur lies at the head of some foothills in Mirkwood Forest. The forest was once a bright place, but Sauron and his evil poisoned it. The Wood-Elves of the North renamed to forest “Mirkwood”… the Forest of Great Fear.

Worst of all, the Black Captain of the Nazgul has captured and locked away in his prison a wise and mighty ranger, who is much needed in the fight against the Dark Lord.

Your mission is three-fold: One, to secure Southern Mirkwood (where the trouble is) and drive off or kill all the foul creatures you find there. Two, to rescue the ranger and bring him out alive. Three, if possible, destroy the chief of the Nazgul.

Comments: A noble mission; however, I feel one and three should be switched –One, destroy the Chief of the Nazgul, and three, iff possible, drive off or kill all the foul creatures in Southern Mirkwood. Have you every tried to kill all enemies in an adventure? In this particular case, special weapons would be needed (and some may be found/earned) but even so, good armor, ability, agility, heal spell, etc. would still be required. Friends can be found and are most welcomed on this adventure, but rest assured, killing all of the fiends is not required to leave the forest. I suggest just killing as many as you can and then make a dash for the exit (all the while keeping the ranger from being killed.)

This is a good brute-force adventure. And it makes you think about the survival of others. (By the way, there is no way to heal the ranger once is he is hurt, unlike some sneaky authors’ methods.)

The characters are interesting and plentiful, the treasure valuable, but the descriptions were lacking once inside Dol Guldur. Overall, the play is good. I was continually getting myself in trouble the first time I played it (mainly by poking my nose into everything that came along) but got through the adventure on the second try with a little more common sense.

This adventure is recommended for those times when you want to kill something or have a strong character is bored with the usual ‘wimps’ (normal hardiness characters) in most dungeons.

Used with Matthew Clark's kind permition.
Original review available at Eamon Adventurer's Guild Online website.

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