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8 Stars IFReview Rating SwordQuest

IFReviewed by Bob Davis on 2006-05-06 08:33 

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Roger Pender


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IFR Overall Rating
8 Stars IFR Overall Rating

Reviewer’s Rating: 8

Difficulty Rating: 8

Extra Commands: Save, Read, Open

Playing Time: 4-5 hours

When I played this adventure several months ago, I was killed twice before I could even get into the Castle, so I knew I’d better take a substantial character with me. I chose Galahad (a character we have been distributing on the Master Diskette for the past couple of years.) He had perfect Hardiness, Agility, and Charisma (all 24’s); 100% weapon abilities in all weapon classes, 100% spell abilities in all spells, plate armor, a shield and good armor expertise as well as some fairly heavy (although not ridiculous) weapons. He barely survived! I’m glad I didn’t take anyone less qualified.

The story line on this adventure is that Morgan Le Fay, Arthur’s half-sister has stolen Excalibur and has spirited it away to her castle. Your job is to find it and return it to Arthur.

I was in seventh heaven during the entire adventure. There was a lot of combat against some very tough opponents. I would say this is the maximum combat adventure that it is possible to survive with the maximum normal character in Eamon. If I hadn’t had friends along, and used my wits every step of the way, it would have been curtains.

But this adventure has more than lots of combat. It has good descriptions, a logical layout, good puzzles, some new and interesting magic, and lots of action. I wasn’t bored for a second. You won’t be either.

Used with Matthew Clark's kind permition.
Original review available at Eamon Adventurer's Guild Online website.

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