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7 Stars IFReview Rating The Hindenburg Ogre

IFReviewed by Matthew Clark on 2006-05-14 10:37 

Game Profile

David Owens


Authoring System

Release Year

IFR Overall Rating
7 Stars IFR Overall Rating

MAIN PGM Version: 7.1

Extra Commands: None

Deleted Commands: None

Special Features: Lower case intro text and descriptions

Playing Time: 30 minutes

Reviewer Rating: 6.5

Average Rating: 6.8/2

Description: A run in with Hokas Tokas sends you back to the 1930's where you take the place of pulp magazine hero Doc Hazzard, a "fabulously wealth young scientific genius, a top athlete, a crack shot with any firearm, a master of jiu jitsu, an ace pilot, and all the chicks really dig him" (Sounds like me! -Matthew)  "Doc has personal connections at every level of government, and he has dedicated his life to free lance crime busting and trouble shooting. He lives to serve justice!" In this issue, Doc Hazzard fights the Hindenburg Ogre!

Review: This adventure is the first by new author David Owens. David set out to make as good as adventure as he could make with little to no special programming, relying instead on the strengths of the 7.1 DDD. For an adventure with no programming, I think this came out pretty well.

The adventure is a larger one at 95 rooms, but is somewhat linear with over half of the rooms of the two directional type. Of course, to tell a good story, some linearity needs to be followed, so this isn't that big of a deal to me.

The descriptions were pretty good, although not necessarily verbose. The author spent some effort having descriptions and artifacts which match the 1937 time frame. The descriptions and plot did a good job of conveying a "you are there" sense.

There were few, if any, typos. The text was in lower case and comes out well in 80-columns. There were some minor line break problems in 40-columns though, if that's your thing.

The story and plot helps the adventure along nicely. There were few puzzles other locked doors, etc. Most of your opponents are relatively easy except for the Hindenburg Ogre himself. This is one tough dude! It took me several tries to defeat him... You'll want to bring your big guns for him.

I'd give difficulty about a 4.

Overall, I think this was an excellent first adventure by a new author. It's a good example of what can be done with the DDD without any special programming. However, I think some special programming would enhance David's ideas and hope that he is not shy about adding to the MAIN PGM in the future. I'm looking forward to his next adventure!

Used with Matthew Clark's kind permition.
Original review available at Eamon Adventurer's Guild Online website.

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