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2 Stars IFReview Rating Second Chance

IFReviewed by Dan Shiovitz on 2005-05-09 10:09 

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David Whyld


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5 Stars IFR Overall Rating

I started off figuring this would be pretty similar to other games by Whyld I've played and haven't cared for.

But for whatever reason — maybe because there's no time limit on the springcomp games and so the game didn't feel so rushed, or maybe because it wasn't trying for wacky humor, or maybe because the plot was more linear and the puzzles were simpler — I ended up quite liking it.

It's one of those "go back in time and change your fate" games where you play through little vignettes for several of the characters involved, and working out how to win each vignette and how they tied together was pretty satisfying.

I don't think this is going to win over everyone who hasn't cared for Whyld's stuff in the past.

The individual pieces aren't really challenging enough to feel puzzly, but the overall game structure tends to force a lot of replays and hence requires some time investment (and, again, the lack of a time limit for the spring comp makes this game viable in a way it wouldn't be in the fall comp).

The writing is kind of enh, and the character's dialogue feels slapdash (the old woman's manner of speaking, in particular, wanders all over the social class hierarchy). Oh, and what's up with the anti-climactic ending?

When the player gets the best possible solution, say something about it — don't give them the same summary that everyone else gets.

But nevertheless, the game all came together for me and worked pretty well — I don't have any problems at all recommending Second Chance.

Second Chance Awards

    5th place on the 2005 Spring Thing.
    5th place on the 2005 InsideADRIFT End Of Year Comp.

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Name Dan Shiovitz
Gender Male

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