Happiness is an imaginary condition, formerly attributed by the living to the dead, now usually attributed by adults to children, and by children to adults.
Thomas Szasz

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- The serum of blood rendered antitoxic to a venom by repeated injections of small doses of the venom.

2001 Annual Interactive Fiction Competition (7th Edition)


      1st place All Roads written by Jon Ingold
      2nd place Moments Out of Time: Explorer Type written by L. Ross Raszewski
      3rd place Heroes written by Sean Barrett
      4th place No Time to Squeal written by Mike Sousa and Robb Sherwin
      5th place The Beetmonger's Journal written by Scott Starkey
      6th place Vicious Cycles written by Simon Mark
      7th place Best of Three written by Emily Short
      8th place Earth and Sky 1 written by Paul O'Brian
      9th place Triune written by Papillion
      10th place Film at Eleven written by Bowen Greenwood
      11th place Prized Possession written by Kathleen M. Fischer
      12th place Journey from an Islet written by Mario Becroft
      13th place Grayscale written by Daniel Freas
      14th place The Chasing written by Anssi Räisänen
      15th place The Coast House written by Dan Newton and Stephen Newton
      16th place A Night Guest written by Valentine Kopteltsev
      16th place Carma written by Marnie Parker
      18th place Fine Tuned written by Dennis Jerz
      18th place Fusillade written by Mike Duncan
      20th place The Evil Sorcerer written by Gren Remoz
      21st place The Gostak written by Carl Muckenhoupt
      22nd place The Isolato Incident written by Alan DeNiro
      23rd place Crusade written by John Gorenfeld
      24th place 2112 written by George K. Algire
      25th place You Are Here written by Roy Fisher
      26th place Elements written by John Evans
      27th place The Cruise written by Norman Perlmutter
      28th place Bane of the Builders written by Bogdan Baliuc
      28th place To Otherwhere and Back written by Greg Ewing
      30th place Stiffy Makane: The Undiscovered Country written by Adam Thornton
      31st place Kallisti written by James Mitchelhill
      32nd place Colours written by J. Robinson Wheeler
      32nd place Silicon Castles written by David Given
      32nd place The Cave of Morpheus written by Mark Silcox
      35th place Timeout written by Stephen Hilderbrand
      36th place Begegnung am Fluss written by Florian Edlbauer
      37th place an apple from nowhere written by Brendan Barnwell
      37th place Stranded written by Rich Cummings
      39th place Schroedinger's Cat written by James Willson
      40th place Stick It to the Man written by Brendan Barnwell
      41st place Jump written by Chris Mudd
      42nd place Volcano Isle written by Paul DeWitt
      43rd place Mystery Manor written by Dana Crane and Mystery
      44th place Invasion of the Angora-fetish Transvestites from the Graveyards of Jupiter written by Morten Rasmussen
      45th place SURREAL written by Matthew Lowe
      46th place Goofy written by Ricardo Dague
      47th place The Test written by Matt Dark Baron
      48th place Lovesong written by Mihalis Georgostathis
      49th place The Newcomer written by Jason Love
      50th place The Last Just Cause written by Jeremy Carey-Dressler
      51st place You Were Doomed From the Start written by Jeremy Carey-Dressler

2001 Annual Interactive Fiction Competition (7th Edition)

    Miss Congeniality

      1st place All Roads written by Jon Ingold
      2nd place The Beetmonger's Journal written by Scott Starkey
      3rd place Vicious Cycles written by Simon Mark

    Golden Banana of Discord

      The Gostak written by Carl Muckenhoupt