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2000 Prémios Hispanos

    Más Original

      Al Otro Lado written by Antonio Márquez Marín and Lumpi

    Mejor Escrita

      Del Otro Lado written by Jarel

    Más Interactiva

      La Sentencia written by José Luis Díaz and Zak McKracken

    Juego Limpio

      La Sentencia written by José Luis Díaz and Zak McKracken

    Mejor PSI

      Xzira, de Fuego de Dragón written by Javier San José

    Mejor Puzzle

      El Juego De Las Balanzas De Abalanzate written by Sirrus


      64 written by Luis David Arranz Pérez
      A Lo Lejos, Un Faro written by Ignácio Monge
      Abalánzate written by Sirrus
      Akbarr written by Akbarr
      Alemanes written by Tino
      Aquelarre, el legado Abrapampa written by Pablo D'Amico and Ricard Ibáñez
      Astral written by El Clerigo Urbatain
      B1 written by Presi
      Batalla written by
      Cacahuetes, Sal y Aceite written by Baltasar and José Baltasar García Perez-Schofield
      Casi Muerto written by Juan Antonio Paz Salgado
      CSA written by
      El Aparato written by Presi
      El Elegido written by Javier San José
      El Entierro written by Enrique Pimpinela Santos
      El Sentir Del Gusano written by Fermín Moreno González and Lumpi
      Fotones Pérdidos written by Presi
      Helloween written by Manowar
      Isla - Amante Natural written by Edison Soft
      La Fan written by
      La Sima Del Búho Maldito written by
      La Tribu written by Ignácio Monge
      LW之不了情 written by teresa
      Misterio en la torre written by Ángel Ros Campillo and Sonia Collado Rubayo
      Nadie written by Luis David Arranz Pérez
      Operación: Operación written by
      Papi Cómprame Una Playstation written by Francisco Prieto Giráldez
      Rápido written by
      Renegados written by
      Ruina written by
      Síncope written by
      Tarde written by
      Tokland written by
      Última Hora - Demencia written by Enrique Pimpinela Santos
      Un Cuento Chino written by Jaevius Scripta
      Una noche especial written by Julio Sangrador Patón
      Viaje Espacial written by
      Zoológica written by

    Mejor Aventura

      Olvido Mortal written by Andrés Viedma Peláez