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4 Stars IFReview Rating Choose Your Own Romance

IFReviewed by Emily Short on 2006-08-01 08:35 

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David Dyte


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IFR Overall Rating
4 Stars IFR Overall Rating
Cheese Rating: Stilton out of a possible Brie
Cheese Rating: Florid out of a possible Painfully Excessive
Gratuitous Reference to Ducks: QUACK

Created with Jon Ingold's Adventure Book, CYOR offers the reader the opportunity to steer its strangely-fated heroine through the various twists and turns of Love. As sheer coincidence would have it, a nontrivial percentage of these twists are in some way associated with cheeses. But I'm sure that's entirely accidental. To proceed:

As might be supposed to befit a choose your own romance, this work is whimsical and light; its chiefest grace is the delightsome prose, which blends to a nicety the modest mannerisms of speech appropriate to a refined lady with the strength of feeling that will inevitably engender itself in the breast-- er, upper torso-- of a Person of Romantic Temperament. To say more of the plot would be to reveal overmuch, if plot it may accurately be said to have; for like many of its ilk, the Choose Your Own Romance is narratively wayward and frolicsome.

In short, a highly entertaining piece. This will scarcely surprise those familiar with Mr. Dyte's previous work in the field of parody (Sycamora Tree, Pick Up the Phone Booth And Aisle [for the concept of which, at least, he is to be blamed, even if other rash parties partook of its implementation]).

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