The remarkable thing is that it is the crowded life that is most easily remembered. A life full of turns, achievements, disappointments, surprises, and crises is a life full of landmarks. The empty life has even its few details blurred, and cannot be remembered with certainty.
Eric Hoffer

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6 Stars IFReview Rating Redemption

IFReviewed by Emily Short on 2006-08-01 08:30 

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Kathleen M. Fischer


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6 Stars IFR Overall Rating
I do like Kathleen's method of presenting conversation possibilities. Effectively (since one is generally limited to one of two or three choices), it isn't much different from a menu; but I find it in some ways more comfortable to work with questions like "do you want to reply or ask about the past?" So the conversation system does good things for the texture of the piece. On the other hand, I often found myself wishing it were possible to ask about more things -- the menu-ness of the system was restrictive at some junctures.

I wasn't entirely thrilled with the setting, which seemed to be a sort of General Medieval. Perhaps I didn't play far enough to find out otherwise; I got stuck, and only managed to earn a single point from the game despite several playthroughs. From there, I kept getting the same less-than-happy outcome. I'm sure there's more possible, but I didn't have time to pursue hints during the judging period.

I would have liked to have come out of this with a clearer sense of the story. Kathleen seems to be intrigued by the possibilities of exploring memories and telling a tale through recollections (as witness "The Cove" and "Inevitable," for instance). I think this is a neat idea, but somehow I found this one less moving and effective than "The Cove." Again, maybe the problem is that I got stuck and didn't get to the full conclusion. On the other hand, what I was seeing on the way there didn't compel me as much as it might have. For one thing, the elements of lost love and betrayal that I was seeing initially seemed as though they might have been lifted from any of a hundred stories: the impulse to keep things mysterious was so strong that I was left without enough to whet my appetite for revelation.

All that said, this is a competently written piece, using an interesting conversation system, which may well have much more to offer than I was able to find.

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