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3 Stars IFReview Rating Not Much Time

IFReviewed by Emily Short on 2006-08-01 04:18 

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Tyson Ibele


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5 Stars IFR Overall Rating
Played to completion?: Not on the first pass.
House or Office: House
Rating: 3

I found the opening screen so over-the-top that it was kind of hard to get going with this game. And then the actual game reminded me a bit of the Clock from — was it last year or the year before? — you have a mundane house, you have puzzles, you have scattered hints of some kind of magical practice. It lacks atmosphere, though. I am getting tired of the bog-standard-house and bog-standard-office as settings, and I am only a little way into the competition. And this one has a discouraging quality of writing.

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10 Stars IFReviewer Overall Rating

Name Emily Short
Gender Female

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