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9 Stars IFReview Rating Scavenger

IFReviewed by Emily Short on 2006-08-01 04:05 

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Quintin Stone


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8 Stars IFR Overall Rating
Played to Completion: Yes, and several replays of the ending.
Number of Saves: 22
Rating: 9

My first impression is both good and bad. This seems to be a solidly coded and tested piece of work. The scene of equipment purchasing at the beginning tells me that there will be multiple puzzle solutions, depending on what I choose to buy, adding replayability. (Just to see if it will work, I go for a non-violent approach, buying the GPS and the radiation pills, but no guns.) There is a hint system. All good. The bad is that it gives every indication of belonging to a post-apocalyptic setting of a kind I don't really care for. But that's personal preference.

The opening scenes of the game seemed a little dry, a little stock. The mangled coyote-chewed corpses, the destroyed buildings, and the adorable orphan... familiar stuff, I thought, without much of a new spin. I was disappointed that I couldn't get Iona to leave with me, though; I didn't place a great deal of faith in her ability to survive in there on her own. Of course it would've been ludicrous to have her along for the rest of the game, but still.

As the game proceeds, it gets better. Once I was inside the base, the puzzles seemed to even out a little; there was still a bit more searching necessary than I really cared for (and one place where SEARCH OBJECT and LOOK UNDER OBJECT produced no result, but LOOK BEHIND OBJECT did). On the whole, though, they weren't too difficult, and when I did get momentarily hung up, the adaptive hint system knew just where I was and offered me a solution. As I went along, things got more and more viscerally effective, and I started taking actions that I probably didn't need to, strictly speaking. In the security station, I carefully turned off the computer when I was done using it, because of the admonition not to touch anything. I was afraid of the repercussions if I left it on. I tried to push the desk back against the wall, for the same reason, but that didn't seem to have been accounted for. When I accidentally tripped the power plant explosion before it was time, I ran from the compound like a bat out of hell. In the vault, when I was wearing the helmet, I felt so overwhelmed that I made my PC sit down to experience these emotions. So something there clicked.

And there was a puzzle where you have to hide out and eavesdrop on NPCs. I always enjoy those.

The end mostly pleased me. I was

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10 Stars IFReviewer Overall Rating

Name Emily Short
Gender Female

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