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3 Stars IFReview Rating Temple of Kaos

IFReviewed by Emily Short on 2006-08-01 03:57 

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Peter Gambles


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4 Stars IFR Overall Rating
Played to completion?: No
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Rating: 3

This was a bit like a combination of Schroedinger's Cat (an abstruse, surreal puzzle with no plot) and The Night Guest (all poetry all the time, not much implemented if you stray from the path). I didn't like either of those very much, and I didn't like this.

This is partly a matter of taste, though I am pretty sure that the poetry isn't very good. (No, I'm not saying I could do better. There's a reason I only include deliberately awful poetry in my games.)

I think I probably missed the intended point of this game, but once again I couldn't understand it well enough to get engaged and care. And I don't mean "understand your subtle intellectual concept" so much as "envision the details of the world well enough to imagine how I could interact with them" -- though those two poles are closer together in this game than they might be in others. In a surreal environment you have to work that much harder to make your game world accessible, and even Zarf, who does a better job than most, has let me down a few times.

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Name Emily Short
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