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5 Stars IFReview Rating Identity Thief

IFReviewed by Jacqueline A. Lott on 2006-07-21 07:06 

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Rob Shaw-Fuller


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6 Stars IFR Overall Rating
Well, what can I say? The prologue seemed a tad long, and I felt myself getting lost before the game even began. It might have been interesting to start the game outside the senator’s room, seated in the van with a dossier or something to look at instead... you know, let the player ease themselves into the game more. The game is gory, though that didn’t put me off nearly so much as guessing the verbs. I just felt very unfocused at times, and frustrated that I didn’t know how to say what I wanted to do. I also felt annoyed that some of the places I searched in the opening scene were places that I would truly hide stuff, but the game would give responses like "You have more important things to do." Please, let me be the judge of that; don’t talk down to me when you don’t know what it is I’m thinking, because that ruins the game for me. I probably didn’t give this one the playtime it deserved, but if you can’t catch me and draw me in, you lose me and it lowers the rating. Sorry, but that’s just how it is. In short, I just don’t think I see this one becoming a classic.

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Name Jacqueline A. Lott
Gender Female