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6 Stars IFReview Rating Earth and Sky 2: Another Earth, Another Sky

IFReviewed by Jacqueline A. Lott on 2006-07-21 06:53 

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Paul O'Brian


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7 Stars IFR Overall Rating
He’s a costume-wearing, violence-prone, Dr. Doolittle impersonator. She’s a high-flying, foggy-headed, non-conversive NPC. They fight crime!

Well, maybe they don’t fight crime, but they’re still trying to find their parents. I’ll come right out and say that I didn’t like Episode 2 as much as the first installment (and no, this is not a movie review). In my opinion, this game lacks much of the charm found in the original Earth and Sky. Most of the puzzles were fine, and I did so enjoy the Batmanesque interface, but the large puzzle that was the centerpiece of game just seemed tedious. I missed Emily’s level of involvement in this game, and I sort of missed being Emily in general, since she clearly has the cooler super-powers of this parent-seeking duo. So, what’s my conclusion? I didn’t not like this game, but I didn’t really love it,

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Name Jacqueline A. Lott
Gender Female

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