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4 Stars IFReview Rating Neon Nirvana

IFReviewed by Timofei Shatrov on 2006-05-13 01:04 

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Tony Woods


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3 Stars IFR Overall Rating
This is one of the few bad games that don't look very bad at the beginning. Surely, the first 2 NPCs aren't the most interactive in the world, but hey. But soon you understand how bad it really is. The game literally falls apart between nonsensical puzzles, bad writing and sad attempts at humor (w00t???). The whole plot makes no sense at all. The bad guy you're trying to arrest is stupid at the extreme. Of course to take advantage of his stupidity you need to use the walkthrough. This game has by far the worst puzzles in the IFComp'05. Even worse than those Tough Beans (another game from the same Comp) had. Although there are no noticeable bugs, many locations are really underimplemented. "You can't see any such thing" seems to be the game's favourite phrase. 4 stars, but only for the effort needed to produce this. This game doesn't worth your time.

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Name Timofei Shatrov
Gender Male