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6 Stars IFReview Rating Tomb of the Vampire

IFReviewed by Robert Parker on 2006-05-13 09:49 

Game Profile

Matthew Grayson and William Trent


Authoring System

Release Year

IFR Overall Rating
6 Stars IFR Overall Rating

MAIN PGM Version: 6

Extra Commands: None

Deleted Commands: None

Special Features: Hi-Res picture during intro

Reviewer Rating: 6

Average Rating: 6.0/2

Description: You have been asked to help a Transylvanian city defeat a vampire located in an abandoned cave in a mountain behind a cemetery.

Comment: This adventure consists of 80 rooms, or so I have read in an Eamon catalog from a PD shop. I was only able to hit about 65. This is version 6, which means that hidden passages are located by LOOKing, and I got tired of doing it in EVERY room that I went into, and it eventually made me quit the game. Yes, I did not complete the adventure (shame on me, eh?). The map I made showed a better-than-average go at making a good map, but some of the monsters in it shouldn't be in abandoned caves; the guards for one. There is a trace of humor in a couple of the monster descriptions, which kept it from being a totally serious game, but not enough to make it a funny game. Also, quite a few of the rooms have incomplete descriptions, lacking which directions can be moved from it. One of the rooms has no description at all! One just says HALL, etc. You are warned at the beginning of it that it is not 'The Beginners Cave', and not recommended for beginning characters, and that you are to know all of the spells. I dunno, I only needed to use POWER twice; maybe the rooms I missed required the other three spells.

I have to give it a 4, but that is only because of the too many hidden rooms and the sparse text in some of the rooms. Maybe if Dr. Trent were to get version 7.0 and redo it and take care of these problems would it be a better game, but until then I stand by my rating.

(Counterpoint: I personally feel that Rob is coming down a little hard on this adventure, blaming it for the same obsolete methods that 65% of all Eamons in existence use. It is well-known that you must keep careful track of LOOKs in rooms while playing a version 6 Eamon so that you don't miss any; in my view that's just part of the game, much like the fact that very early Eamons don't permit abbreviations. We discussed this point, and Rob feels this way about all adventures that lack the sophistication and user friendliness that we have come to expect from modern, top-rated Eamons. He is not inclined to allow for the standard of the time but feels that old stuff should be upgraded to allow for evolving standards. So I advised him that I would probably follow his review with my own opinion, and he had no problem with that.

I gave it a 6 rating, and like Rob I might have given it a higher rating if some of the descriptions were better. If Dr. Trent would like to comment, I would be happy to publish it - TomZ)

First off, I would like to apologize to Dr. Trent for the "bad" review of this game in the Dec'90 issue. When you trade disks with as many people as I do, you don't have much time to make sure that everything is as it should be. That is how I got a bad copy of this game. After performing the bug fix in the same issue, I discovered that this was the cause of a lot of my gripes. I would like to withdraw my comments and rating in the Dec'90 issue and offer this instead.

The map was well thought out. I had a copy that was sent to me by Dr. Trent and compared it to the one I came up with. Pretty much the same, with the exceptions of hidden (LOOK) passages and those which didn't show up on my first copy. The bad descriptions were replaced by full sentences.

In short, this was a lot better once the bug was fixed. I rate it an overall 6 for the thought-out map and the relatively difficult yet simple puzzles. The clues are there, you just have to look at them!

Used with Matthew Clark's kind permition.
Original review available at Eamon Adventurer's Guild Online website.

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