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3 Stars IFReview Rating The Infested Fortress

IFReviewed by Pat Hurst on 2006-05-13 09:22 

Game Profile

Mike Hamaoka and Paul Hamaoka


Authoring System

Release Year

IFR Overall Rating
3 Stars IFR Overall Rating

Reviewer’s Rating: 3

Difficulty Rating: 4

Extra Commands: TOUCH

Deleted Commands: none

Special Features: none that I could find

Description: Kildarin’s fortress was known for its hospitality, exemplified by its excellent food and drink. It was stormed by a large group of monsters led by Gakkian warriors. Outnumbered, Kildarin fled to the nearest city for help. He hires you to recapture the fortress. You can keep any treasure that you find and he will send along a paladin from his own forces to assist you. As a final gesture, Kildarin blesses you with a medallion of Hupp, the Great Wanderer of the North.

Comments: This adventure is a routine kill-the-monsters dungeon. There is nothing particularly memorable about it; and if I hadn’t been planning to review it, I probably wouldn’t have finished it. Many of the commands are useless as the authors haven’t done anything with them. The POWER spell has the standard outcomes provided on the DDD. There is one artifact to open, but it isn’t locked and there is nothing in it. There is nothing to read. There appears to be a set of bound victims to free, but the authors didn’t deal with that and have short-circuited the FREE command. The TOUCH command was added, but it is only effective in a single place. There are no problems to solve or tasks to accomplish. There are no Effects in the Eamon.DESC file at all. The one saving grace that this adventure has over some others of this genre is that it is not full of grammatical errors in the descriptions. (Not that there aren’t some; just not as many as something like The Beermeister’s Brewery- a real dog). The difficulty rating of 4 is due to the toughness of some of the monsters. This may be a problem for weak adventurers. Overall, I wouldn’t recommend this adventure unless you are looking for a mindless kill campaign.

Used with Matthew Clark's kind permition.
Original review available at Eamon Adventurer's Guild Online website.

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