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9 Stars IFReview Rating Wrenhold

IFReviewed by John Nelson on 2006-05-13 08:08 

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Bob Davis, Robert Davis and Robert Davis


Authoring System

Release Year

IFR Overall Rating
9 Stars IFR Overall Rating

Reviewer’s Rating: 9

Difficulty Rating: 8

Extra Commands: Standard 6.0 commands - DIG

Special Features: SAVE is done to a separate diskette

Playing Time: 3-6 hours if you don’t get lost

Author’s Note: Wrenhold’s Secret Vigil was written with the idea of creating a serious adventure with an atmosphere of mystery; much unlike the frivolity and general good time of my last adventure, The Prince’s Tavern. I found seriousness a lot harder to accomplish with a lot of detail to attend to and having to use logical (!?) thought processes to make the adventure flow smoothly and actually make sense. Although I am very pleased with this adventure, I believe I’ll be back to writing humorous scenarios because they are just plain fun.

Description: This is a very shortened version of the description for this adventure. The full-length description (or book, as some have said) is included on the adventure diskette and can be read or skipped at your own leisure. Very little of the below is in its actual context.

While napping by the edge of a lake, you wake to a heavy-set balding man shouting at you as he hastily wades from a nearby rowboat.

“My king has sent me for a hardened rogue to help save his kingdom. One such rogue would surely be well paid for his services,” the man states.

You state you are what he seeks and insist he look no further. You learn his name to be Adrelik, the king’s scribe and engage him in conversation about your task.

“Things are not right within our kingdom,” Adrelik volunteers. “Nightly raids are made on the king’s fields, scouts do not return from assignments and the wild animals run mad killing peasants and livestock.

“Our wizard, Wrenhold the pure, his life-orb stolen, grows weaker by the day. He can no longer cast spells to protect the kingdom.”

The boat lands at a dock where a royal entourage awaits you. A dark-robed man silently escorts you thorough a door in the stone wall surrounding the lake-side of a castle and ushers through many passages before entering a conference chamber.

I am King Argas,” the black-robed figure states. “Our land is troubled, crops razed, people hurt and killed by the most timid of creatures. Master Wrenhold, our wizard in counsel, was seeking an answer when he lost possession of his life-orb. Now he lies destitute, his health slipping each hour.”

“We need you to either find the life-orb of Master Wrenhold or, better for us all, eliminate the travesty that plagues us. Master Wrenhold has become much too expensive lately for services all too often not rendered and we are uncertain of any solution he may propose even with his life-orb returned.”

“If you succeed in your task, you shall be rewarded with 4000 gold pieces and a special weapon hand-made by elves that used to dwell in these lands before the Great Battle of Darkness.”

You are then escorted to the base of a mountain, Mt. Eilaak, where the most incidents of attacks and disappearances have occurred.

Reviewer’s Comments: This adventure could more accurately be described as an electronic novel in adventure form. The story is elaborate and interesting with lots of visual verbiage. Room descriptions, monster descriptions and all of the other descriptions in the adventure are very detailed and realistic. I found the adventure quite pleasing to play and fun to solve as long as I stuck to the main routes. The most unpleasant part of the adventure is a nasty little maze that is difficult to escape from or avoid. Staying out of this maze is a definite advantage.

Talking with Bob after playing this adventure, he told me a great deal more about the story that doesn’t come across completely in the adventure. I think it would make the adventure better to have some of this story elaborated more, but like I said before, it is already an electronic novel as it is.

I had little trouble surviving this adventure once I learned my way around and avoided unnecessary battle. You can take anyone from a moderate to heavy-hitter on this little romp. Keeping your eyes open, checking out almost every little nook and cranny is also advisable, and you will get some mental exercise too.

I would rate this adventure as one of the top 5 of 6 Eamon adventures and well worth any Eamonite’s playing time. A must for the collector of top notch adventures.

Used with Matthew Clark's kind permition.
Original review available at Eamon Adventurer's Guild Online website.

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