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7 Stars IFReview Rating Krakatoa Tuna Melt

IFReviewed by RootShell on 2009-05-16 06:54 

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David Welbourn


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7 Stars IFR Overall Rating
I usually never ifreview games myself but today I had such a wonderfull experience playing 'Krakatoa Tuna Melt' together with a few of the ifMUD users at #ClubFloyd, that I decided that I should at least write a few lines about this great SpeedIf game. 

When David asked if we wanted to play a small game that he wrote for the speedif 10-9 competition, with such a strange name like Krakatoa, we really didn't know what we were going to find...

The game starts with Biff Bradclaw presenting the seventh Episode of Krakatoa Survivor Challenge, in a tropical island, where we, the current champion, are challenged by two other contenders, Kari Knott, a waitress from Toledo and Russ Rohoho, a late night talk show host from Honolulu.

The game objective is to win the Krakatoa Survivor Challenge, which consists of making a tuna melt sandwich from the native materials on the island.

The game cenario it's very small (about a dozen locations) yet pleasant and realistic.

There are, as I said, two NPCs which keep moving around trying to win the challenge  and become the new Krakatoa Survivor champions.

The game isn't that dificult, but unfolds in a very logical way, and the puzzles are easy to solve, which makes this game quite enjoyable when played solo.

But, as I said before, what made me really enjoy it, was the joy and excitment that we at #ClubFloyd had playing it online. Everyone was giving sugestions, the puzzle solutions were figured out by a few players and everyone was thinking along the same line which made it very enjoyable.

David, did an excelent work with this small yet very well written speedif game, which he wrote in about two days.

It's one of those little games that are a joy to play.

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