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8 Stars IFReview Rating The Reluctant Resurrectee

IFReviewed by John Clemens on 2007-04-28 03:15 

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David Whyld


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7 Stars IFR Overall Rating
This game is a sequel to "Back to Life... Unfortunately" (which I have played and found amusing). Here, though, the object is not to kill off the PC (as it was there), although you can die and get the same sort of responses. Doing this will lower your score, though, and can prevent an optimal ending. As a result I ended up undoing my deaths (although it is amusing to see how the environment changes after various deaths). But that isn't really the point here...

I enjoy playing unusual PC's and here the PC is an eyeball. This is handled reasonably well (although the lack of a body did seem to be drummed in a bit too much at the beginning), and leads to a number of novel approaches to puzzles. And this game is mostly about puzzles (which I like). For the most part the puzzles are reasonable and have sometimes amusing solutions. One thing that did irritate me a bit is that you have to pretty much examine everything to find some clues (and make sure to "read" as well as "examine"), and there was one place (in the hole) where two words which I initially took to be synonyms turned out be distinct things which needed to be examined separately.

I did get totally stuck at one point because I didn't know one of the necessary commands (rot13: ohzc). Maybe this was hinted somewhere that I missed, but the other eyeball-specific commands seemed to be clued pretty clearly.

I was let down a bit by the ending sequence, which involved reading a lot of conversation topics and making a few choices to decide the fate of the kingdom. A few of these you make explicitly (and need to use some hints found by examining everything earlier), but some of them are made for you automatically during during conversation nodes. Maybe this just illustrates the lack of utility of an eyeball...

There were a couple of parser problems (but many seem to have been anticipated); having to refer to "crumpled pieces of paper" took me a long time to realize. I also got a number of scoring messages at the end to the effect that my score had increased by a certain number of points to a total of 100 (I suspect this may be an ADRIFT issue due to the score being updated before any messages are printed or something).

Overall I enjoyed this a lot; it's light-hearted and the puzzles are interesting.

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