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5 Stars IFReview Rating Korenvliet

IFReviewed by Victor Gijsbers on 2007-04-08 06:39 

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5 Stars IFR Overall Rating
Somewhere in the late eighties or the very early nineties, I received a bunch of Dutch games (most of which seemed to be written in BASIC) compiled into some sort of game pack. Among them was one interactive fiction: Korenvliet. This game was based on the "Adriaan en Olivier" books by Leonard Huizinga (1906-1980), a humerous series revolving around the twin brothers Adriaan en Olivier van Duysz ther Ghasth tot Korenvliet, whose favourite passtime is drinking very expensive and alcoholics drinks.

I played the game when I was, perhaps, ten years old, and haven't seen it since. The following remarks are therefore rather sketchy and may turn out to be quite wrong.

The game is set in and around Korenvliet, a huge house. The setting is rather sparse: locations are defined in a few sentences, and there are few objects you can interact with. The NPCs walk around randomly, and little interaction with them is possible. The game is based on puzzles; all I remember of them is that I couldn't get the hot air balloon to fly.

Giving a rating to a game not played in many years is rather hazardous, but from memory I suspect that Korenvliet is not a lost masterpiece.

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