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6 Stars IFReview Rating Psyche's Lament

IFReviewed by James Mitchelhi on 2006-10-16 05:19 

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John Sichi, Lara Sichi and Now We Have Faces


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5 Stars IFR Overall Rating

This is a short game with three puzzles, each of which seems well implemented. The text is well written, but mostly exists just to give flavour to the puzzles, which is fine if that's the kind of game you enjoy.

It's hard not to like this game. It has a certain amount of charm. I'm not a puzzle fiend, so I glanced at the walkthrough once or twice, but I found it quite enjoyable. The intro really shines as a piece of scene setting for the game.

Unfortunately, there's one or two problems that slightly detract. I may have missed something, but "zap" didn't occur to me as the right verb for using the wand. Additionally, there's some problems with newlines sometimes not being printed after text. These are fairly minor woes, though. I'd have also appreciated "disconnect all" being implemented.

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3 Stars IFReviewer Overall Rating

Name James Mitchelhi
Gender Male

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