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0 Stars IFReview Rating Ninja II

IFReviewed by James Hall on 2006-09-25 01:10 

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Paul Allen Panks


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1 Star IFR Overall Rating
Not really "Ninja 2", more like "Ninja 1.5". Technically, this should have been disqualified from the 2005 IF comp due to it being almost identical to the first Ninja game, the sole difference being that this version features an ice dragon, who is (of all things) playing one of Paul Panks's other games, Spacewar. If that doesn't sound very interesting, then you've guessed right- it isn't. The same awful parser, insta-deaths and lack of appealing features that hampered the first Ninja game have been ported over into this version too and seeing as there wasn't a snowball in hell's chance of it winning the comp, there wasn't really any point complaining about rule violations. Either way, this is one to avoid.

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