Without a measureless and perpetual uncertainty, the drama of human life would be destroyed.
Winston Churchill

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IFReviews Dictionary

- The limb of the human body which extends from the shoulder to the hand; also, the corresponding limb of a monkey.
- Anything resembling an arm
- The fore limb of an animal, as of a bear.
- A limb, or locomotive or prehensile organ, of an invertebrate animal.
- A branch of a tree.
- A slender part of an instrument or machine, projecting from a trunk, axis, or fulcrum; as, the arm of a steelyard.
- The end of a yard; also, the part of an anchor which ends in the fluke.
- An inlet of water from the sea.
- A support for the elbow, at the side of a chair, the end of a sofa, etc.
- Fig.: Power; might; strength; support; as, the secular arm; the arm of the law.
- A branch of the military service; as, the cavalry arm was made efficient.
- A weapon of offense or defense; an instrument of warfare; -- commonly in the pl.
- To take by the arm; to take up in one's arms.
- To furnish with arms or limbs.
- To furnish or equip with weapons of offense or defense; as, to arm soldiers; to arm the country.
- To cover or furnish with a plate, or with whatever will add strength, force, security, or efficiency; as, to arm the hit of a sword; to arm a hook in angling.
- Fig.: To furnish with means of defense; to prepare for resistance; to fortify, in a moral sense.
- To provide one's self with arms, weapons, or means of attack or resistance; to take arms.




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