Real genius is nothing else but the supernatural virtue of humility in the domain of thought.
Simone Weil

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I would like to thank the following persons for sending usefull information/bug reports. (in no particular order):

Matthew Clark (EamonNag WebMaster), Greg Boettcher, Peter Mattssons, David Whyld, A Ninny, and of course all the anonymous Beta-Testers!

Thanks also to everyone that sent an email without saying their names (which are quite few... you silly you) ;)

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IFReviews Dictionary

- To take or seize; to take hold of.
- Hence: To take or seize (a person) by legal process; to arrest; as, to apprehend a criminal.
- To take hold of with the understanding, that is, to conceive in the mind; to become cognizant of; to understand; to recognize; to consider.
- To know or learn with certainty.
- To anticipate; esp., to anticipate with anxiety, dread, or fear; to fear.
- To think, believe, or be of opinion; to understand; to suppose.
- To be apprehensive; to fear.

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