I'm definitely happy with the way my career has gone, the success; but I even feel glad that I've experienced some failure in my life. That gives you perspective and humility about this business; it's good to realize that you're always just one movie away from not being in Vogue anymore.
Reese Witherspoon

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- The action of sticking; the state of being attached; intimate union; as, the adhesion of glue, or of parts united by growth, cement, or the like.
- Adherence; steady or firm attachment; fidelity; as, adhesion to error, to a policy.
- Agreement to adhere; concurrence; assent.
- The molecular attraction exerted between bodies in contact. See Cohesion.
- Union of surface, normally separate, by the formation of new tissue resulting from an inflammatory process.
- The union of parts which are separate in other plants, or in younger states of the same plant.

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