All living souls welcome whatever they are ready to cope with; all else they ignore, or pronounce to be monstrous and wrong, or deny to be possible.
George Santayana

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IFReviews Dictionary

- A Dutch and German measure of liquids, varying in different cities, being at Amsterdam about 41 wine gallons, at Antwerp 36 1/2, at Hamburg 38 1/4.

2000 Annual Interactive Fiction Competition (6th Edition)


      1st place Kaged written by Ian Finley
      2nd place Metamorphoses written by Emily Short
      3rd place Being Andrew Plotkin written by J. Robinson Wheeler
      4th place Ad Verbum written by Nick Montfort
      5th place Transfer written by Tod Levi
      6th place My Angel written by Jon Ingold
      7th place Nevermore written by Nate Cull
      8th place Masquerade written by Kathleen M. Fischer
      9th place Yes, Another Game With A Dragon! written by John Kean
      10th place Shade written by Andrew Plotkin
      11th place Guess the Verb! written by Leonard Richardson
      12th place Letters from Home written by Roger Firth
      13th place Rameses written by Stephen Bond
      14th place The Djinni Chronicles written by J. D. Berry
      15th place The Best Man written by Rob Menke
      16th place And the Waves Choke the Wind written by Gunther Schmidl
      17th place At Wit's End written by Mike Sousa
      18th place Dinner with Andre written by Liza Daly
      19th place Planet of the Infinite Minds written by Alfredo Garcia
      20th place The Big Mama written by Brendan Barnwell
      21st place The End Means Escape written by Steve Kodat
      22nd place Punk Points written by Jim Munroe
      23rd place A Crimson Spring written by Robb Sherwin
      23rd place Enlisted written by G.F. Berry
      25th place Futz Mutz written by Tim Simmons
      26th place Return to Zork: Another Story written by Stefano Canali
      27th place Unnkulia X: Escape of the Sacrificed written by Valentine Kopteltsev
      28th place Desert Heat: A Romance Of Sorts written by Papillion
      29th place Got ID? written by Marc Valhara
      30th place Castle Amnos written by John Evans
      31st place The Masque of the Last Faeries written by Ian Ball
      32nd place The Pickpocket written by Alex Weldon
      33rd place The Trip written by Cameron Wilkin
      34th place Happy Ever After written by Robert M. Camisa
      35th place Prodly the Puffin written by Craig Timpany and Jim Crawford
      36th place Withdrawal Symptoms written by Niclas Carlsson
      37th place Aftermath written by Graham Somerville
      38th place The Clock written by Cleopatra Kozlowski
      39th place Wrecked written by Campbell Wild
      40th place Threading the Labyrinth written by Kevin F. Doughty
      41st place VOID: CORPORATION written by Jonathan Lim
      42nd place 1-2-3... written by Chris Mudd
      43rd place Escape from Crulistan written by Alan Smithee
      44th place Stupid Kittens written by Marc Valhara
      45th place Marooned written by Bruce Davis
      46th place Al Otro Lado written by Antonio Márquez Marín and Lumpi
      47th place Jarod's Journey written by Tim Emmerich
      48th place Infil-traitor written by Chris Charla
      49th place Comp00ter Game written by Brendan Barnwell
      50th place Little Billy written by Okey Ikeako
      51st place Asendent written by Doug Jones, Farenheit Flatbred, Kelvin Flatbred and Nate Cull
      52nd place What-IF? written by David Ledgard
      53rd place Breaking the Code written by Gunther Schmidl

2000 Annual Interactive Fiction Competition (6th Edition)

    Miss Congeniality

      1st place Ad Verbum written by Nick Montfort
      2nd place Rameses written by Stephen Bond
      3rd place Metamorphoses written by Emily Short
      3rd place Shade written by Andrew Plotkin

    Golden Banana of Discord

      Return to Zork: Another Story written by Stefano Canali