The youngsters coming up now just go through the motions necessary to make the play. They should bounce around a little, show some life and zip. It adds a little action and gives the fans something to look at rather than the monotonous routine, no matter how perfectly the play is made.
Al Lopez

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2005 Annual Interactive Fiction Competition (11th Edition)


      1st place Vespers written by Jason Devlin
      2nd place A New Life written by A O Muniz
      2nd place Beyond written by Alessandro Peretti, Mondi Confinanti, Paolo Lucchesi and Roberto Grassi
      4th place Distress written by Mike Snyder
      5th place Tough Beans written by Sara Dee
      6th place The Colour Pink written by Robert Street
      7th place Unforgotten written by Quintin Pan
      8th place Snatches written by Gregory Weir
      9th place Chancellor written by Kevin Venzke
      10th place Internal Vigilance written by Simon Christiansen
      11th place Escape To New York written by Richard Otter
      12th place Mortality written by David Whyld
      13th place History Repeating written by Mark Choba and Renee Choba
      14th place Vendetta written by Fuyu Yuki and James Hall
      15th place Son Of A... written by C.S. Woodrow
      16th place Gilded written by A Hazard and John Evans
      16th place Xen: The Contest written by Ian Shlasko
      18th place Mix Tape written by Brett Witty
      18th place Waldo's Pie written by Michael Arnaud
      20th place Off The Trolley written by Krisztian Kaldi
      21st place Psyche's Lament written by John Sichi, Lara Sichi and Now We Have Faces
      22nd place The Plague (Redux) written by Laurence Moore
      23rd place Sabotage On The Century Cauldron written by Thomas de Graaff
      24th place On Optimism written by Tim Lane
      25th place Space Horror I written by Jerry
      26th place Cheiron written by Elisabeth Polli and Sarah Clelland
      27th place Neon Nirvana written by Tony Woods
      28th place The Sword Of Malice written by Anthony Panuccio
      29th place Dreary Lands written by Paul Lee
      30th place Hello Sword written by Andrea Rezzonico
      31st place Phantom: Caverns Of The Killer written by Brandon Coker
      32nd place Amissville II written by Santoonie Corporation and William A. Tilli
      33rd place FutureGame (tm) written by The FutureGame Corporation
      33rd place Jesus Of Nazareth written by Paul Allen Panks
      35th place PTBAD 6andoneeighth written by Slan Xorax
      36th place Ninja II written by Paul Allen Panks

2005 Annual Interactive Fiction Competition (11th Edition)

    Miss Congeniality

      1st place Vespers written by Jason Devlin
      2nd place A New Life written by A O Muniz
      3rd place The Plague (Redux) written by Laurence Moore