When we cannot bear to be alone, it means we do not properly value the only companion we will have from birth to death: ourselves.
Eda J. Le Shan

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Thanks also to everyone that sent an email without saying their names (which are quite few... you silly you) ;)

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Games Written By Anonymous

    The Phantom's Revenge (1982; Unknown; English)
    2112 (1980; Ms-Dos; English)
    A Day at the Beach (Unknown; JavaScript; English)
    A Quiet Evening at Home (2010; Inform7; English)
    Adventure of the Year (1985; C64; English)
    Alien (1982; BASIC; English)
    Amissville (2002; Tads2; English)
    Anonymous (2008; Inform6; English)
    Atari Adventure (Unknown; Atari 800; English)
    Being Steve (2006; Inform6; English)
    Bmissfille (2002; Tads2; English)
    Bob (2012; Inform7; English)
    Bons Baisers d'Outre Tombe (Unknown; Apple II; French)
    Bork, The Great Abortion of A Coherent Narrative (2010; Java; English)
    Casino (2004; Adrift; English)
    Castle of the Alchemists (1991; AGT; English)
    Caves of Silver (Unknown; C64 and Unknown; English)
    Cleverbot Twine (Unknown; Unknown; English)
    Comédie (2015; Inform7; French)
    Danger (Unknown; Atari 800; English)
    Darknite (Unknown; Ms-Dos; English)
    Darth Vader Adventure (Unknown; C64; English)
    Dateline Titanic (1982; Atari 800; English)
    Dig Dug (2001; Tads2; English)
    Dog Saves Baby (2008; Inform7; English)
    Dot & Tot of Merryland (1985; Computer Novel Contruction Set; English)
    Dragon's Tooth (Unknown; Unknown; English)
    Dragon-Quest Adventure (Unknown; Unknown; English)
    Drool (1994; Tads2; English)
    Eldorado Gold (Unknown; BASIC; English)
    Eliza (Unknown; Inform6; English)
    Escape from Hiddenite (Unknown; BASIC; English)
    Escape from Simian Island (Unknown; Unknown; English)
    Excalibur Quest (Unknown; Unknown; French)
    Forbidden Quest (Unknown; Unknown; English)
    Foreplay (Unknown; Pascal; English)
    Fortress (2014; Twine; English)
    Fred's Backyard (1991; Unknown; English)
    Freedom (2008; Inform6; English)
    Gnomic (2001; Unknown; English)
    Halloween (Unknown; Unknown; English)
    Haunted House (1985; BASIC; English)
    House Adventure (Unknown; BASIC; English)
    House of Ill Repute (1983; Eamon; English)
    HRH (1986; Spectrum and The Quill; English)
    Ice Station Zero (1985; The Quill and Spectrum; English)
    If You Go Down in the Woods Today... (Unknown; JavaScript; English)
    interactive suicide note (Unknown; Twine; English)
    Invaders (2001; Inform6; English)
    Iraqi Invasion (2008; Inform7; English)
    Jack the Ripper (1988; Unknown; English)
    Jug2k (2005; Lisp; English)
    Kook U (1997; Inform6; English)
    L'Envol (2015; Inform6; French)
    La Bete du Gevaudan (Unknown; Unknown; French)
    La Cite Perdue (1985; Unknown; English)
    La Source De Zig (2014; Inform6; French)
    Labyrinths of LaCoshe (1983; BASIC; English)
    Life on Gue Street (2000; Inform6; English)
    Lode Runner (2001; Inform6; English)
    Madame Fifi's Whore-House (Unknown; BASIC; English)
    Madhouse (1985; BASIC; English)
    Mars (Unknown; BASIC; English)
    McKensie (Unknown; Unknown; English)
    Metacaching (Unknown; Unknown; Swedish)
    MIAGE (test) (2011; Inform7; French)
    Mini-Zork (1988; ZIL; English)
    Mirror of Khoronz (Unknown; Unknown; English)
    Murder on the Waterfront (Unknown; Unknown; English)
    My Adventure in Mo (2003; Computer Novel Contruction Set; English)
    My Adventure in Oz (1985; Computer Novel Contruction Set; English)
    Mystery House Makeover! (2005; Inform6; English)
    Mystery Island (Unknown; Unknown; English)
    Mystery of the Indus Valley (1988; Unknown; English)
    Naughty Boy (2007; C64; English)
    Nirvana (1989; Unknown; English)
    Odieus's Quest for the Magic Flingshot (1990; AGT; English)
    Pervo Quest (Unknown; Visual Basic; English)
    Peter Pan (Unknown; Unknown; English)
    Polearn (1988; PAWS; English)
    Pork 1: The Great Underground Sewer System (1988; AGT; English)
    Presentable Liberty (2014; Unknown; English)
    Prinsessen i berget det blaa (Unknown; Spectrum; Norwegian)
    Profession: Detective (Unknown; Unknown; French)
    Return to Oz (1986; Computer Novel Contruction Set; English)
    Rockstar (1989; Unknown; English)
    Second Destiny (2014; Inform7; English)
    Shadowgate (1987; Inform6; English)
    Shanilor's Tower (2001; Adrift; English)
    Sif3 (1998; Unknown; English)
    Silverwolf (1992; Unknown; English)
    Snake (2008; BASIC; English)
    Snow Joke! (1991; PAWS; English)
    Sourire de bois (2015; Inform7; French)
    Space Adventure (Unknown; Unknown; English)
    Space Invaders! (2001; Tads2; English)
    Sphinx Adventure (Unknown; Unknown; English)
    Star Flaws (Unknown; PAWS; English)
    Star Trek Adventure (1983; Unknown; English)
    Sweet Sixteen (1986; Adventure Maker; English)
    Tanis (2000; Unknown; English)
    The Black Hole (1981; BASIC; English)
    The Bungle Brothers (Unknown; BASIC; English)
    The Burbs (2004; Adrift; English)
    The Cat House (1990; Eamon; English)
    The Dogboy (1985; Spectrum and The Quill; English)
    The Fat Lardo and the Rubber Ducky (2003; Inform6; English)
    The Forbidden Lands, Book I: The City of Falchon (1993; Unknown; English)
    The Fourth Sarcophagus (1983; Unknown; English)
    The Hermitage (1991; Spectrum and Spectrum; English)
    The Ice Cave (1985; Unknown; English)
    The Keys of the Kingdom (Unknown; Unknown; English)
    The Knight's Quest (Unknown; Unknown; English)
    The Lost City (Unknown; Unknown; English)
    The Magic Cloak of Noland (2003; Computer Novel Contruction Set; English)
    The Magical Monarch of Mo (1985; Computer Novel Contruction Set; English)
    The Marvelous Land of Oz (2003; Computer Novel Contruction Set; English)
    The Menagerie (1982; BASIC; English)
    The Mist (1985; Apple II; English)
    The Nemean Lion (2009; Unknown; English)
    The Secret of Bastow Manor (1983; Unknown; English)
    The Silence of the Lambs (1996; Tads2; English)
    The Silver Cloud (Unknown; Unknown; English)
    The Smirking Horror (1988; Unknown; English)
    The Snow Queen (1985; The Quill and Spectrum; English)
    The Stainless Steel Rat (2001; Adrift; English)
    The Terrors of Trantoss (1986; Unknown; English)
    The Tunnels Of Athylon (Unknown; Adrift; English)
    The Very Big Cave Adventure (1986; Spectrum and The Quill; English)
    The Wonderful Wizard of Oz (1985; Computer Novel Contruction Set; English)
    Thermonuclear Wargames (1985; Unknown; English)
    Thief's Adventure (1986; Unknown; English)
    THYPT - The Penultimate Adventure (1997; BASIC; English)
    Time Adventure (Unknown; BASIC; English)
    Tommy's Manor (1989; Unknown; English)
    Tutorial Game (1984; ZIL; English)
    Twice Shy (1986; Unknown; English)
    Village of Lost Souls (1987; Unknown; English)