There are only three sins - causing pain, causing fear, and causing anguish. The rest is window dressing.
Roger Caras

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I would like to thank the following persons for sending usefull information/bug reports. (in no particular order):

Matthew Clark (EamonNag WebMaster), Greg Boettcher, Peter Mattssons, David Whyld, A Ninny, and of course all the anonymous Beta-Testers!

Thanks also to everyone that sent an email without saying their names (which are quite few... you silly you) ;)

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IFReviews Dictionary

- To set a price or value on; to estimate justly; to value.
- To raise the value of; to increase the market price of; -- opposed to depreciate.
- To be sensible of; to distinguish.
- To rise in value. [See note under Rise, v. i.]

Games Written By Peter Lister

    The Amulet (1990; Custom; English)