And there is no trade or employment but the young man following it may become a hero.
Walt Whitman

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I would like to thank the following persons for sending usefull information/bug reports. (in no particular order):

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Thanks also to everyone that sent an email without saying their names (which are quite few... you silly you) ;)

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IFReviews Dictionary

- One who sustains a great burden.
- The first vertebra of the neck, articulating immediately with the skull, thus sustaining the globe of the head, whence the name.
- A collection of maps in a volume
- A volume of plates illustrating any subject.
- A work in which subjects are exhibited in a tabular from or arrangement; as, an historical atlas.
- A large, square folio, resembling a volume of maps; -- called also atlas folio.
- A drawing paper of large size. See under Paper, n.
- A rich kind of satin manufactured in India.

Games Written By Douglas Harter

    The Ticket (1986; Spectrum and PAWS; English)