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5 Stars IFReview Rating Adoo's Stinky Story

IFReviewed by Emily Short on 2006-08-01 03:52 

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B. Perry


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5 Stars IFR Overall Rating
Rating: 5
Played to Completion: Yes
Number of Saves: 4

The title made me severely apprehensive, I have to admit, but the game mostly proved me wrong. The tone is lighthearted and pleasant most of the time; the puzzles are mostly not too hard. There is one action I would not have thought of trying, which was necessary to get the game rolling; fortunately, the built-in hints got me past that point without my having to refer all the way to the walkthrough. One or two of the other puzzles were also non-obvious, but again the hints came to the rescue.

I'm not quite sure why it was necessary for me to die of eating cookies; that seemed pretty arbitrary, especially since I was not allowed to quench my thirst with water. I assume that the gallon of milk would have taken care of things, but at the time I was unaware of how to get rid of Mom, and she kept cold-heartedly shutting the refrigerator. There were also a number of actions that seemed obvious, at least to me, that the author had not accounted for: things I tried to give or show to NPCs, for instance, tended not to have a custom response even at times where it really seemed they should. And I'm not sure how I was supposed to know I should rush that un-sent letter to the mailbox, considering it has been lying around, untouched, in my desk for months.

Other observations: this seems like an extremely juvenile way for someone who is supposedly in college to behave. But we'll accept that. Also, a lot of the objects lying around the house would have been more smoothly presented, I think, if they'd been described in the main text of the room description and then marked scenery. There are a lot of pieces of furniture that are not at all important to the game; implementing them as separate objects seems to imply that you should be doing something with them, which misdirected me a bit.

All in all, fairly solid, but I wasn't carried away.

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10 Stars IFReviewer Overall Rating

Name Emily Short
Gender Female

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