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6 Stars IFReview Rating Within a Wreath of Dewdrops

IFReviewed by Dan Shiovitz on 2005-02-17 16:05 

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Jacqueline A. Lott and Sam Kabo Ashwell


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6 Stars IFR Overall Rating
It's a little hard to figure out how to judge Within a Wreath of Dewdrops.

It was written as an entry in the 3rd 24 Hours of Inform contest, and so it's basically one step up from a Speed-IF in terms of development time.

In that context I guess it's pretty good; it's no ASCII and the Argonauts, but it's coherent, doesn't have any obvious bugs, and the enjoyment in the game comes from something more than just absurdist humor. Still, it seems like a pity.

Within a Wreath of Dewdrops has a clever concept and witty writing, but they're squeezed into a tiny game that, frankly, is not very well designed and tends to just sit there until the player figures out what to do next.

The last puzzle is cute, but the earlier ones feel like -- well, like they're from a Speed-IF. I think this game could use a little room to grow.

Now that there's no more time limit, I'd encourage the author to reconsider the game's construction and interaction, and rewrite the game in a more natural size.

Still, even in its current version, Within a Wreath of Dewdrops is amusing enough -- but thank goodness for the in-game hints.

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