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IFReviewed by Roberto Grassi on 2006-06-21 09:45 

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Chris Mudd


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4 Stars IFR Overall Rating

A short and interesting game that deserved a better polishing phase. I particularly liked the 'comic-like' narration style and the 'vignette' gameplay. The scary atmosphere is well done and frequent scene and point of view changes serve well the narration purposes, giving a nice sense of daze.

The story is about a serial killer and an hunting inspector. It is really simple and, actually, the story itself and the characterization are NOT the best aspects of this game. What works really good is the 'obsessive' and, in some cases, 'erotic' atmosphere pervading the game, leadin to an interesting, and maybe surprising, ending.

The worst flaw in this game is the poorly implemented narration style with the non playing characters (there are other minor 'design' errors, but they're not so relevant for the style of this game). If we consider that it is a puzzleless IF and mainly based on narration, it is evident that it is a main fault.

In the end, a pleasant and interesting game, that I suggest to play. It probably deserved a better position in the 2000 IF Comp.

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Name Roberto Grassi
Gender Male

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