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5 Stars IFReview Rating The Time Portal

IFReviewed by John Nelson on 2006-05-06 01:13 

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Ed Kuypers


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IFR Overall Rating
5 Stars IFR Overall Rating

Reviewerís Rating: 5

Difficulty Rating: 3

Extra Commands: Unlock, Open, Close, Drink, and Move

Playing Time: 1-2 Hours

I didnít quite understand the point to this adventure. It said I was going to check out a science exhibit at the Eamon Hall of Science. The exhibit turned out to be a time portal.

One interesting thing about this adventure was there were multiple settings. One could pass from one setting in time to another by passing through the portal of his choice. Telling too much here may spoil the suspense, so I wonít elaborate.

The adventure was paced a little slow for my taste, but was still adequate to keep my interest. It seemed a little small after I had it thoroughly explored.

Once nice thing about this adventure is it wasnít too difficult in either problem solving or survivability (as long as you picky our enemies carefully.)

Used with Matthew Clark's kind permition.
Original review available at Eamon Adventurer's Guild Online website.

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